Worst ever characters in gaming

Worst ever characters in gaming

SOME of the sweetest and cosiest games have characters so annoying they make you want to stop playing.

Either because they won’t stop bothering you, or that they are just simply terrifying.


Don’t make Resetti angry.[/caption]

These are the characters that burn into your very soul with how much you hate them.

Here are the worst characters ever developed in games.

Moneybags: Spyro the Dragon

Tom Nook may force you to take out loans you may never be able to repay, at least he offers you an interest-free payment plan.

Moneybags, on the other hand, is a bear with a monocle, just to show you he’s not short on dosh.

That’s because he has no morals. He holds the key to life-saving skills, that he’ll only teach you for a price.

In fact, Moneybags will teach skills to literally anyone that pays them no matter how evil, teaching kids early about capitalist dystopias.

Resetti: Animal Crossing

The Resetti from New Horizons is a helpful chap who helps you out when you build yourself into a corner.

However, back in the days of the GameCube, he was far more terrifying.

If you quit without saving in order to clear your mistakes, you would wake up to the screams of this disgruntled mole telling you how awful you are.

Don’t get me started on what he did if you tried to start your town over. The memories are too traumatic.

Claptrap: Borderlands

At some point – probably when Sonic became a thing – every game decided they needed to have a loveable wise-cracking mascot.

In rolls Claptrap, the ‘witty’ box on wheels that thinks itself oh so kooky and fun.

Claptrap stays with you throughout almost every Borderlands game, and to make things worse, his abilities are entirely unpredictable.

You could end up hurling grenades, turning into a pirate ship, or riding a meat unicycle. Kooky, am I right?

Every rival: Pokemon X & Y

Pokémon X & Y is thought of as one of the weaker generations, and one of the main reasons for this is that they decided to give you four rivals.

These twerps show up every time you leave a city, and they always want to battle you with their one underleveled ‘mon.

Even as you reach the end of the story when they are supposed to have reached their final form – á la Wally in Emerald – they are extremely underwhelming.

Most of them have three Pokémon – three very bad Pokémon – which makes them feel like little more than filler.

King of Hyrule: The Legend of Zelda

It really doesn’t matter which Zelda game you play, no matter which century you land in, the King of Hyrule is there to mess things up.

The truth is Ganondorf isn’t really the antagonist of the series, it’s the over-trusting king who consistently makes terrible choices.

His worst incarnation was in Wind Waker, that was until Breath of the Wild made him the unashamed villain of the series.

This is where he is dead for at least a century before he realises he might have messed things up.

Written by Josh Broadwell and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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