World’s hottest slush, cotton candy jerky make debut on Wisconsin State Fair’s 2023 new-items menu

World's hottest slush, cotton candy jerky make debut on Wisconsin State Fair's 2023 new-items menu

The Wisconsin State Fair has outdone itself this year, adding 104 new menu items to its 2023 lineup of fair food and drinks. And the items don’t disappoint.

Perusing the list of new items, you’ll find everything from the Atomic Slush, deemed the “world’s hottest slush” by the fair, to cotton candy jerky and a brat & kraut cheese curd taco.

Equally colorful offerings include a dill pickle donut, a bacon cheddar bubble waffle and a beer-battered corn dog dipped in hot Wisconsin cheddar. In the traditional-fair-foods category, deep-fried Red Hot ice cream, deep-fried apple pie and deep-fried garlic “gator toes” all make their debut.

“The Wisconsin State Fair is known for having some of the best and craziest food options around,” fair reps said in a statement. “This year, 104 of those options are new! From Pizza Lumpia to Apple Pie Fries, there is something for everyone on this mouth-watering list.”

The state fair in Wisconsin, located in West Allis, runs from Aug. 3-13 and celebrates its 172nd year this year.

Tickets are on sale online for $18 for guests 12 and older, $13 for kids 6 to 11, and $13 for seniors 60 and over.

The fair put together a list of all its new food items online, in addition to a section dedicated to foods on a stick, because, well … Wisconsin.

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