World of Hyatt: more rewards, more choice, more gifts – loyalty redefined!

Starting January 1, 2024, World of Hyatt is set to unveil a revamped suite of program benefits, providing members with increased flexibility and a broader range of choices. Rooted in a commitment to listening, World of Hyatt remains dedicated to investing in offerings that resonate with members, urging them to embrace the transformative experiences that travel can offer. The enhanced World of Hyatt Milestone Rewards aims to deliver a richer array of awards and options at various milestones, enabling members to opt for points towards future free nights, indulge in suite upgrades, or elevate their well-being experiences.

Mark Vondrasek, Chief Commercial Officer at Hyatt, emphasized, “Our membership has quadrupled in the last five years because we continually seek innovative ways to cater to our World of Hyatt members by providing meaningful benefits that are shareable.” He highlighted the brand’s expansion into luxury and lifestyle markets, reinforcing its presence in desired travel destinations. Vondrasek expressed pride in the ongoing evolution of World of Hyatt, introducing industry-leading changes that redefine loyalty based on three core principles: loyalty extending beyond the member, the critical role of choice, and the paramount importance of recognition.

The program updates bring a world of choice to World of Hyatt members, ensuring that Milestone Rewards align with individual preferences and needs. Recognizing members more frequently along their journey, the Milestone Rewards kick in after 20 qualifying nights or 35,000 Base Points annually, continuing in increments of 10 qualifying nights, up to 150 nights. Notably, World of Hyatt stands out as the sole global hotel loyalty program rewarding members with milestone rewards for stays surpassing 100 nights, demonstrating a sustained commitment to those who consider Hyatt hotels a home away from home.

At each milestone, members gain the power to choose three awards from a selection of options, including earning points for future stays globally, enhancing current stays with suite upgrades, or enjoying experiences designed to support well-being. New Milestone Rewards introduced in the journey from Discoverist to Globalist include the 2K Next Stay, FIND Experience Credit, Guest of Honor Award, Miraval Extra Night, and The Ultimate Free Night Award.

Amy Weinberg, Senior Vice President at Hyatt, emphasized that the new Milestone Rewards are shaped by member feedback, offering a wider array of options to tailor their travel experiences, prioritize well-being, and immerse themselves in transformative World of Hyatt offerings.

The Guest of Honor benefit, a unique aspect of World of Hyatt, is being reimagined and extended as a Milestone Reward starting at 40 nights or 65,000 Base Points per year. This allows more members to experience Globalist status and earn up to 10 Guest of Honor Awards annually, further reinforcing the program’s commitment to caring for the people in members’ lives.

As part of the broader strategy to redefine loyalty, World of Hyatt is extending rewards to those who facilitate travel for others, such as eligible meeting and event planners, travel advisors, and small business administrators. The new program introduces pathways for these stakeholders to earn status and milestones based on their contributions to Hyatt.

In summary, the World of Hyatt’s updated program is a testament to its commitment to member-centric benefits, offering increased flexibility, diverse choices, and an extended range of rewards to both members and those who contribute to making travel happen for others.

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