What does the flushed emoji mean?

What does the flushed emoji mean?

WHILE it’s hard to remember our lives without emojis, some users do still have questions over what they all actually mean.

The pictograms have become part and parcel of our daily communications but some emojis, such as the flushed face, are used for a variety of reasons – leaving some confused as to what it should actually be used for.

The flushed emoji can be used in a variety of situations

What does the flushed emoji mean?

The flushed emoji features a yellow face with wide eyes and red, flushed cheeks.

It also has a straight mouth and raised eyebrows.

The emoji looks as if it may be blushing with embarrassment, shame, or shyness.

It can also be used to convey a wide range of other feelings, including surprise or disbelief.

The flushed face may also be used to show amazement, excitement – or sometimes even affection.

According to emojiguide.com, the flushed face is currently the 32nd most popular emoji on social media platforms.

The flushed face is often referred to as the blushing emoji, the shy emoji, or the embarrassed emoji.

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When was the flushed emoji released?

The flushed face emoji came into Unicode with the first round of emojis in 2010.

Emojis started in Japan but became used all over the world when Apple added an official emoji keyboard to iOS in 2011.

Android then followed in their footsteps several years later.  

Since then, many new emojis have been added to people’s phones – often released alongside iOS updates.

Some of the emojis to be added in 2023 include a shaking face, a goose, a hyacinth, and a plain pink heart.

Despite all the new additions, the emoji showing a face crying with joyful laughter is still the most popular.

The crying face is also one of the most-used.

Examples of the flushed emoji

Many examples of the flushed emoji can be found on Twitter.

As previously noted, the flushed emoji can be used to convey embarrassment.

It can also be used to show surprise or disbelief.

The flushed emoji may also communicate excitement.

It is also sometimes be used to show affection – perhaps for a pet or a friend.

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