Ways to maintain air conditioning units in hot weather

Ways to maintain air conditioning units in hot weather

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) – As temperatures rise, many people in the community face the possibility of breaking air conditioning units. 

Theriot’s Heating & Air serves Livingston Parish and said they are receiving 20 to 30 service calls a day on average, with one A/C system change per day. 

“A lot of units just weren’t keeping up. People realize they should’ve performed maintenance prior before the hot weather got here,” Owner of Theriot’s Heating & Air Robbie Theriot said. 

According to Theriot’s Heating & Air Manager Matt Theriot, the temperature has triggered air conditioning units, making them work harder than usual. 

“It definitely got hotter sooner and the heat index being over 105 with so many days in a row doesn’t give the house and attic enough time to cool down, where the air can really keep up and catch up,” Matt said. “Like usually when it’s not this hot overnight, your attic cools down. Everything on the outside cools down and your air catches up, whereas it’s been so hot none of the air conditioners can keep up.” 

Now how much does an A/C cost to replace? Robbie said it ranges from $8,000 to $15,000. But with a regular maintenance schedule, you can help your family and home from avoiding this problem. 

“Having your system maintained at a minimum once a year keeps your coils clean, keeps it energy efficient. You save money on your electricity bill. Changing your filter out once a month at minimum keeps your evaporator coil clean, keeps it efficient. Any dirt build up on your coil will make it run not as efficient and it can cause it to freeze up to where it will not cool at all,” Matt said.

Other ways to help your unit with maintenance are making sure your unit is clean, checking your Freon and even a five-inch air filter. 

Matt suggests giving an A/C company a call to getfive-inchh air filters ordered.

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