Useful Travel Tools: Arrivals Lounges – Visiting The Plaza Premium Lounge At Helsinki Airport

Useful Travel Tools: Arrivals Lounges – Visiting The Plaza Premium Lounge At Helsinki Airport

We have covered various lounge options here on LoyaltyLobby over the years, including Arrivals Lounges, and today I was surprised there was actually one available at Helsinki Airport in Finland, operated by Plaza Premium.

I didn’t expect it to be available and also didn’t bother to check in advance but since I slept through most of my 12-hour flight from Bangkok and catering on Finnair was mediocre I gladly stopped by.

It was my first time at Helsinki Airport, and I was surprised at how big it was. To my detriment, the flight docked at the furthest gate available, ok maybe some exercise will do me good.

By the time I reached the arrivals zone where the train and buses depart, I was considering stopping by a restaurant or at least some shop to buy a bottle of juice, but then I saw the Plaza Premium Lounge.

They just started to participate in Priority Pass again (see their website with access rules here) but Amex Platinum would have also gotten me access in any case.

Opening Hours

06:30 – 22:00 daily


Helsinki Vantaa

Landside – the lounge is located before Security Checks in the new extension building, Arrivals Hall.


Maximum 2 hour stay – All Cardholders and guests are required to show a Boarding Pass with confirmed same-day travel for access to the lounge – Children under 2 years are admitted free.

Additional Information

Premium alcoholic drinks, sleep pods, shower and conference facilities are subject to payment.

My arrivals boarding pass was not checked, only the Priority Pass card. Considering the location and offers here, I wonder how often people visit this location even when they aren’t passengers.The lounge has a semi-open design in bright colors:

It wasn’t very busy at the time I visited this afternoon (~ 3:30 pm), although a few long haul flights were just arriving.

The self serve area is rather basic but serves the purpose. Alcoholic beverages are available at the bar.

There is an online menu that provides limited hot dishes:

  • Meatballs with potato
  • Penne Arrabiata
  • Sweet Chili Chicken with Rice
  • Mushroom Soup

I decided on the Meatballs and was surprised by the appetizing presentation. The plate was delivered to the table!

The quality was rather nice as well (especially for lounge food), and I was glad I ate here rather than the chicken dish on Finnair – served after 10 hours inflight, which is why I refused it.

My flight left at 7:15 am from Bangkok and Finnair only serves a basic breakfast, then nothing for 9-10 hours, and – following that – a selection of three awful dishes, the “roasted chicken” being the only Western one. Never again!

Visitors who are tired can also use sleeping pods to close their eyes for a while. This I find a very interesting feature, although it’s anything but quiet in this room.

Rather futuristic design. I wonder how comfortable it is to sleep in there, but it definitely beats sleeping in a chair, especially in a public area.

These landside lounges are really a perk sometimes. For example, when you visit the airport for another reason other than flying (such as picking up friends or a rental car). The Luxx Lounge in Frankfurt also sees me quite frequently, even on days when I’m not flying.

Another reason to keep at least one premium credit card in your wallet that comes with Priority Pass or independent access.


This is one of the best arrivals lounges I have visited so far and was perfect for my purpose. I wish more airports had these available.

A couple of airlines used to provide arrivals lounges (Virgin at Heathrow, United in Chicago, Qatar Airways in Doha etc), but many have closed down even before Covid. Ever since the pandemic ended, some of them have come back online.

Another popular Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge used to be in Hong Kong, but that one has been permanently closed. I really liked it, especially after an early arrival from North America when you can’t really check into your hotel yet.

Have you visited Arrivals Lounges before?

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