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US warns China might give ‘lethal support’ to Russia with weapons and ammo

Blinken Wang Yi spy balloon comp
US Secretary of State Andrew Blinken said the supply of lethal materials from China to Russia would be met with ‘serious consequences’ (Picture: AP/Getty)

China may be preparing to provide Russia with greater military support in their invasion of Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS News Chinese firms have already provided Putin’s forces with ‘non-lethal support’, such as satellite imagery systems for the notorious Wagner Group.

But he said any future arrangements that include the supply of weapons and ammunition would have ‘serious consequences’ for Beijing.

The interview followed Blinken’s meeting with Wang Yi, China’s top foreign diplomat, at the security conference in Munich.

He did not go into what intel the US had on China’s potential plans to support Russia’s war effort, but said he expressed ‘deep concerns’ about the prospect with Wang. 

Blinken’s comments were mirrored by Rishi Sunak who also issued a warning to China.

The PM’s spokesperson said: ‘On this specific issue, any support for Putin’s brutal and illegal war against Ukraine is deplorable. We expect China to stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.’

This all comes amid an escalating war of words between the US and China, after several Chinese ‘spy balloons’ entered American airspace and were shot down by fighter jets.

Blinken reportedly told Wang the US would not permit ‘any violation of our sovereignty’, stressing such an ‘irresponsible act must never again occur.’

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Wagner Group
The US has already sanctioned a Chinese company for providing satellite imaging systems to the controversial Russian private military contractor Wagner Group (members pictured) (Picture: Reuters)
Wang & Blinken
Wang Yi (left) and Antony Blinken (right) met during the security conference in Munich (Picture: AP)
Spy Balloon
US-China tensions have escalated in recent weeks after a number of Chinese spy balloons entered American airspace and were shot down by US fighter jets (Picture: Reuters)
Wang Yi
Chinese foreign affairs minister Wang Yi is due to visit Moscow (Picture: Alexandra Baier)

Wang responded by describing the incident as little more than ‘a political farce manufactured by the US’.

Chinese officials have consistently denied any reports of Moscow having formally requested lethal military equipment, with the country’s foreign ministry stressing it would not tolerate ‘finger pointing’ and ‘coercion’ from US officials.

Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is a longstanding Putin ally, but China has remained neutral on the war, encouraging both sides to seek a peaceful resolution.

Wang Yi is due to attend a meeting of top officials in Moscow, as part of the diplomat’s tour of Europe. 

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