Urgent warning for anyone who uses Google Chrome

TECH experts have warned anyone who uses Google Chrome as a new feature has been quietly rolled out to most users.

Google‘s new Privacy Sandbox is set to reach 100 per cent of users in the coming months, the tech giant announced.


A new Google Chrome feature was quietly rolled out to many users[/caption]


Tech experts said that the Privacy Sandbox will reach all users in the coming months[/caption]


The Privacy Sandbox had been in development since 2019[/caption]

The new suite of features represents a fundamental shift in how Chrome will track user data for the benefit of advertisers, experts at TheConversation.com reported.

The Privacy Sandbox had been in development since 2019 but not without a dash of controversy, as some users have deemed it invasive in terms of privacy.

Instead of third-party cookies, Chrome will be able to tap directly into your browsing history to gather information on advertising “topics”.

Third-party cookies are generated and placed on the user’s device by a different website other than the one the user is visiting.

They are created when a user visits a website that includes elements from other sites, such as third-party images or ads.

Instead of using third-party cookies to serve you ads across the internet, Chrome will provide something called advertising Topics.

These are high-level summaries of your browsing behaviour, tracked locally – such as in your browsing history- that companies can access on request to serve you ads on particular subjects.

Additionally, there are features such as Protected Audience that can serve you ads for “remarketing” and Attribution Reporting, that gathers data on ad clicks.

Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox is the latest development to leave tech users slightly on edge.

Snapchat users were trying to delete their accounts after the platform’s My AI feature malfunctioned.

Google search data from NoDepositDaily.com recently revealed that online searches for “delete Snapchat” increased by a staggering 1,019 percent worldwide in August.

The uptick is due to Snapchat users likely feeling uneasy after the platform suffered a malfunction with its My AI chatbot on August 15.

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