Urgent warning for all Android users – you must switch setting on immediately - Firenewsfeed!

Urgent warning for all Android users – you must switch setting on immediately

Urgent warning for all Android users – you must switch setting on immediately

IF YOU use an Android device, it’s worth giving this handy security setting a look.

It could save you from dodgy apps designed to spy on you, steal your online credentials or even rinse your bank account.


Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system[/caption]

Crafty hackers frequently manage to get past checkers for the Google Play Store.

They hide malicious apps disguised as innocuous ones in order to spread viruses to the unsuspecting masses.

We’re constantly hearing reports of dubious apps being caught with sneaky malware and other nasties.

So it’s important to always think twice about what you download, even if it’s from the Google Play Store.

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Fortunately, Google has loaded your Android phone with a free tool to help you avoid getting caught out.

Google Play Protect is a service that claims to help keep your apps safe and your data private.

It does this by checking your apps and devices for harmful behaviour.

Some of the benefits include a scan of any apps from Google Play before you download them.

It’ll even deactivate or remove harmful apps from your device if it detects something fishy.

In addition, the alert service sends you privacy alerts about apps that can get user permissions to access your personal information.

How to turn on Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect should be switched on already by default.

But if you want to be sure, you can have a look by opening the Google Play Store first.

Tap your profile icon in the top right.

Find Play Protect, then select Settings.

Finally, ensure Scan apps with Play Protect is on.

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