UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos - Firenewsfeed!

UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos

UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos


UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos


 Favorite Fighters

  • Ulanbekov $8600
  • Maverick $9400
  • Bautista $9100

Two Dogs Worth a Second Look

  • Lemos $7400
  • Minner $7300

A parlay of The Week:

  • Hadley -255
  • Minner +180
  • Parisian +110



 If you tailed the 3-leg parlay last week, you walked away a winner. Now let’s hit it again this week!!!

UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos

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Rodriguez $8800 Vs. Lemos $7400

The line to Impact Lean: Under 4.5 -160

I am excited about this fight because we have a live dog in this 5 rd main event. Lemos is not getting a lot of respect at +180, but I think she can hit her +350 KO/TKO/DQ price tag, and the under 4.5 -160 is in the dog’s favor as the M/L and KO/TKO Prop lines are close for her. I could see this fight going back and forth for a couple of rounds and ending in R3 or R4, with Lemos landing a kill shot.

On the Rodriguez side, I do not like her as  DK play because she has fought five rd twice already and has not scored 90 fantasy points in either of the battles. I think she has a good chance of winning, which is why she is -210 M/L. However, I question if she will be able to produce a strong fantasy score in a win. I am going heavy on Lemos and very light on Rodriguez as DK plays.

Vegas 64 DraftKings Pick: Lemos $7400
Vegas 64 Prop Betting: Lemos +350 KO/TKO/DQ

UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos

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Parisian $8000 Vs. Sherman $8200

The line to Impact Lean: Under 2.5 -160

Okay, this fight looks like a big old 💩, but I believe that makes this a diamond in the rough. I always say I like the wrestling more than the finishes, but at these low prices for both fighters, they are worth investing in.

What do I do when both fighters suck, and I think it is a good DK play??

You guessed it; I play the dog! However, both fighters are worth loading up on as this fight could go under the radar from an ownership perspective. I may bet Parisian to hit the +550 R1 KO/TKO/DQ, but either way it goes, I think someone gets finished.

This is a fight I see myself going heavy to ALL IN on.

Vegas 64 Pick: Parisian $8000

Vegas 64 Prop Betting: Parisian +550 KO/TKO/DQ 

Hadley $9200 Vs. Candelario $7000

The line to Impact Lean: Hadley +450 R1

This is another fight favorite of mine; even though the lines are far in the distance, Candelario gets accumulated volume and lands a finish, putting him in the optimal lineup. While I think this is a possibility, I  believe the more likely outcome will be Hadley getting the finish here, as he shows a lot of skill, and it is +450 to get it done in R1. However, either way, this fight goes, I see the winner being in the optimal, so this is another fight I will be heavy on

One last note on the dog, I could see Candelario come in, get TD and Ctrl time to neutralize a dangerous Hadley, but then again, that strategy could land him in a submission (+300)

In conclusion, I will be elevated on Hadley and match Garcia’s field.

Vegas 64 DraftKings Pick: Hadley $9200

Vegas 64 Prop Betting Under 2.5 +175

Leverage Play of the Week

Polyana Viana $8300

She is a cheap favorite and projected 26% ownership, which isn’t crazy light, but enough to get an edge on the field with 50% ownership. She is +350 for Submission and +550 to get it done in R1. At this price, she will smash value with a quick finish bonus! Therefore, Polyana is my leverage play of the week.

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UFC Vegas 64 DraftKings Picks Preview Rodriguez Lemos

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