U.S. House approves debt limit package, sending it to Senate days before default deadline

The debt limit deal cleared the GOP-controlled U.S. House of Representatives late Wednesday and now heads for the Senate. Getty Images

Three Georgia Republicans – Reps. Andrew Clyde, Mike Collins and Rich McCormick – voted against the deal.

“GOP leadership negotiated with President Biden in good faith, understanding the limitations of our position,” McCormick, a Suwanee Republican who was elected last year, said on Twitter Wednesday. “But I am a ‘no’ on the Fiscal Responsibility Act because it fails to address the root problems of Washington’s spending addiction.”

Among Georgia Democrats, only one cast a dissenting vote: Rep. Nikema Williams of Atlanta.

“Time and time again, poor people end up used as a bargaining chip,” Williams posted on Twitter. “Tonight I voted no on the budget agreement—I could not vote for something that puts the most marginalized communities on the chopping block.”

Washington Democratic Rep. Suzan DelBene said that while the “deal is far from perfect” lawmakers “can’t let perfect be the enemy of the good when the stakes are this high.”

The agreement, she said, would shield veterans, senior citizens, law enforcement and schools from the more severe budget cuts that Republicans proposed in their original debt limit bill.

“This deal will protect American families and our economy from a devastating default on our nations’ bills in just five days,” DelBene said.

“Compromise means that no one gets everything they want, so we have a choice between a catastrophic outcome or a chance to move forward with a bipartisan compromise,” she added later.

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