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Tucking Tips // Silk Slip Skirt + Waffle cashmere

petite silk satin slip skirt everlane cashmere sweater

I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of different textures and cuts, like this chunky waffled sweater paired with a more delicate and smooth slip skirt. Since I always get questions on tucking, for this outfit I used two of my usual tucking tips (you can see both demonstrated in my Instagram video!):

  1. Since I have a shorter neck, I usually roll turtlenecks halfway down by folding it inward for a clean look.
  2. To create a waistline underneath a slouchy sweater, I tucked the sweater up into the band of my bra. This type of tuck won’t work with our beloved Neiwai bras because it needs a less stretchy band to hold the sweater more securely in place. If you’re looking for other ways to tuck your sweaters you can revisit my sweater tucking guide!

1. Quince Slip Skirt

Use code EXTRAPETITE5 for 5% off a first purchase. I’ve had this skirt for over a year now and have worn it multiple times, but this is my first time sharing it as I had some mixed feelings. On the plus side, it’s a gorgeous color and is actual 100% silk at a price price point you will NOT find anywhere else for this fabric. However, the silk is thin and tends to create static against my legs. I would ideally love something a little thicker, and would be fine to trade the silk for a less premium material if I could find that in a color as perfect as this Champagne.

In terms of the fit, the length is a little long on petites but this seems to be the standard across almost most slip skirts on the market. This skirt does have a crazy number of 5-star reviews with no one else mentioning the silk clinging to legs, so def worth a try if you’ve been eying it! Quince skirt in XS measures 28″ length and 12.4″ across the waist when lying flat (elastic).

Here’s a few other options I found:

I also wanted to mention that in addition to the slip skirt, Quince has several other affordable silk pieces. I have one of their silk blouses in XS and it’s a fairly good fit on me.

2. Everlane Cashmere Sweater

This Everlane sweater is still a favorite after a few years, though I can’t speak to this year’s exact version in case they made any updates. As mentioned earlier, the neck is a full turtleneck that I usually wear folded down. The length is long enough for me to wear almost tunic style with black leggings or leather pants, which I often do. See it in some older pairings here and here, which shows the turtleneck unfolded.

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