Why did NBC News let the Weinstein blockbuster get away? Once again, questions mount

Washington Post Travel 9 months ago

For the second time in a year, NBC News has given away a major scoop to another news outlet. And just like the first time, the reasons for the network’s hesi­ta­tion are in dispute.

Despite months of reporting, NBC declined to move ahead with reporter Ronan Farrow’s blockbuster story involving harassment and rape allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Farrow wound up taking the story to the New Yorker magazine, which published it on Tuesday, elicting a wave of outrage and shock.

Almost exactly a year ago, NBC took a pass on another story involving sexual assault allegations; it declined to air footage of then-candidate Donald Trump bragging about groping women, prior to a 2005 appearance on “Access Hollywood.” The video was leaked to The Washington Post, which broke the story ahead of NBC.

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