Today on Pinstripe Alley – 12/26/23

Babe Ruth In Boxing Stance
Photo by Bettmann via Getty Images

Happy Boxing Day.

Good morning! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and have the opportunity to continue to relax a little bit before we ring in the new year. The Yankees didn’t get a Yoshinobu Yamamoto under their tree, but we’ll see if they can find an acceptable alternative. When I was six, I asked for a pool table and my mom countered with a Game Boy, so that worked out pretty well.*

*Is this a reach of a comp? You bet it is. But we do what we must and I did like Tetris, Super Mario Land, and Link’s Awakening quite a bit anyway.

Unless the Yankees break any news, our only item today is Matt resuming our Top 100 Yankees series with a certain beloved fan favorite from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Enjoy!


1. Did you get any good baseball-related gifts this year?

2. Moving on from baseball, any other fun items from the ol’ haul?

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