Today on Pinstripe Alley – 12/2/23

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
SHEFF | Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The countdown is on for the end of 2023.

Juan Soto rumors dominated much of the late afternoon and early evening on Friday. How much could the Yankees give up to get him? Frankly, it should be almost as much as the Padres are asking because Juan Soto — even potentially just one year of him — is worth it to help salvage Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole’s primes. But that’s just one writer’s opinion.

The past couple days have been pretty packed in terms of PSA offseason content, so this weekend will be more quiet unless the Yankees force our hand. Today, look for Casey to get into the spirit of the season by comparing current Yankees players and management to iconic holiday movie characters, and then for Kevin to bring forth a familiar face for our next player on the PSA Top 100. Later, Estevão will discuss what new Yankees waiver pickup Oscar Gonzalez needs to do to recapture the solid results of his rookie 2022 campaign.


1. Is Michael King important enough to you to scuttle a potential deal for Juan Soto?

2. Should Gary Sheffield be in the Hall of Fame?

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