Today on Pinstripe Alley – 11/5/23

Antonio Osuna
Antonio Osuna

The first fully-fledged NFL Sunday on the MLB offseason. (Or something like that.)

For me, offseason Today on PSA’s are the time for random old Yankees in the lead photo. Because why the hell not remember a guy on an otherwise-irrelevant fall/winter day? So behold in the top image: Antonio Osuna. Yes, the 2003 Yankees were one of my first great loves*, why do you ask?

*The love did not really extend to Osuna, but I do remember his existence.

Today on the site, it’s all about Yankees lore, as Matt brings us back to the somewhat-forgotten 1957 World Series and some heroics by Elston Howard and Hank Bauer that were lost to history. Next, John goes to more recent times for our 87th-ranked player on the PSA Top 100 (one of my personal favorites), and a little while later, he’ll return to present this week’s social media roundup.


1. Will you watch the Chiefs/Dolphins game this morning in Germany?

2. Would you watch an MLB game aired early on a Sunday if was played in Germany?

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