Today on Pinstripe Alley – 11/14/23

Angels v Yankees
5 points to anyone who can name this Yankee | Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Yankees have a new hitting coach. (Not the guy in the picture though.)

The Yankees have a new hitting coach! Callooh! Callay! And all that jazz. James Rowson will return to the organization where he once oversaw an up-and-coming minor leaguer named Aaron Judge, and he’ll aspire to have a longer-lasting tenure than his two immediate predecessors (Dillon Lawson and Sean Casey). Prior to them, Marcus Thames was in the role from 2016-21, bumping up from assistant to the top job in ‘18.

Will Rowson make the difference? Not on his own, but I’m going to choose to hope for at least a mild bounce-back. I can sometimes be cynical about the Yankees but Rowson deserves a chance.

John will consider masher Cody Bellinger (son of Clay; breaking news, I know) as a potential free agent addition, and Estevão will delve into the recent trade rumors surrounding the Yankees and Alex Verdugo to see if there’s any logical match. Later on, Matt will go to the Deadball Era for our next Top 100 Yankee, and Josh will grade Anthony Rizzo’s 2023.


1. Gut feeling: Will the Yankees improve on offense in 2024 or will they remain the same?

2. Which MLB team do you think about the least?

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