Tips to Help Your Elderly Mum Look as Fresh as a Daisy

Tips to Help Your Elderly Mum Look as Fresh as a Daisy
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As your mum gets older, it’s important that you help keep her up to date with beauty and lifestyle tips to make her feel and look her best. As the skin ages, it becomes more difficult to keep up a youthful appearance as it naturally dries and gets thinner. Your mum may need to alter her skincare regime, and she may need reminders to keep properly hydrated, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. This will benefit both your mum’s body and her skin. Also, make sure she gets enough sleep and uses sunscreen.

Help Her to Love the Skin She Is In

As you are probably aware, regardless of age, skincare is crucial. Age-related differences apply, and for older skin, moisturising creams with enough protection and an anti-ageing effect should be the focus. It’s vital that your mum protects her skin against the sun and the cold. Her preferred serums and moisturising creams must be applied every night after cleansing. In the morning, a lighter moisturiser with SPF should be applied so that her skin receives sufficient hydration and protection for the day. 

A diet of fruits, vegetables and vitamins is important when caring for older skin. If your mum resides in a care facility like St Peter’s Care Home in Bury St Edmunds, she will already have the advantage of delicious, nourishing, and high-quality meals prepared on the premises. This is a great way to take care of her skin from within. Also, encourage her to reduce her smoking and caffeine consumption, if necessary, as these can cause premature skin ageing. 

Lucious Lips and Soft Loving Hands

The lips and hands are often the most noticeable features when it comes to ageing. Encourage your mum to apply lip balm at bedtime to ensure that her lips are properly hydrated. If she still likes a swipe of lippy, ask her to apply lip balm before lipstick to prevent them from drying out during the day. Help mum to retain her soft, supple hands by investing in a good quality hand cream that she can always carry with her. Frequent washing and hand sanitisers can cause the hands to become dry.  

Exercise Tips

Remind your mum that exercise is crucial at any age, but most especially as the numbers creep over 60. She must remember to start slowly and to listen to her body. Help her to choose activities that she enjoys as then she will be more likely to stick to the exercise schedule. Routines that improve her flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance are ideal to keep her fit and looking good. An exercise buddy can be the perfect way to keep socialising while being healthy and having some friendly competition. 

Looking good leads to feeling great, no matter your age. Help your elderly mum to look and feel as fresh as a daisy by reminding her to take care of herself. Her skin, lips and hands need extra attention, and she can ensure these retain a youthful appearance if she eats healthily, gets sufficient rest, exercises, and follows a skincare regime suited to her age. Beauty comes from within. 

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