Tickets For London’s Wanderlust-Inducing ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ Exhibition Are Now On Sale

You might have come across the gloriously quirky interiors and ice cream-coloured buildings of Accidentally Wes Anderson on an absent-minded Instagram scroll. Now, the account with almost two million followers is stepping things up another notch, with a fascinating photography exhibition opening on South Kensington’s Old Brompton Road this December. You can explore an extensive collection of over 200 photos, which showcase everywhere from the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps to the turquoise train carriages of Japan, all taken in the distinctly whimsical style of Wes Anderson. It’s an ode to the iconic director, a visual feast and an irresistible bit of travel inspiration rolled into one.

a row of red chairs in front of a big window framing a mountain scene

What exactly is Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition?

If you’re not already familiar with the Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram account, let me fill you in. Created by husband and wife Wally and Amanda in 2017, the account was a personal bucket list where they found real-life places and settings around the world that resemble the visual aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s films. It comes as no surprise their collection of symmetrical, colourful, and in some cases otherworldly, photographs caught the attention of other like-minded adventurers and amassed millions of followers. Over the years they have expanded and after two successful exhibitions in South Korea and Japan, the experience is coming to London.

Leave your passports and luggage at home. Seven themed rooms have captured Anderson-esque gems from all corners of the world on camera. Push through the door into the nature room, where you’ll see striking shots of a lone fisherman’s hut nestled among a sea of leafy ferns or a pastel-yellow campervan sitting centre stage in a sand-dusted ravine. Speaking of doors, there’s a room for them too, whether it’s what lies on the other side or the doors themselves, each one displayed here has a special visual charm. There are even striking spots closer to home, with a room dedicated to London – think retro launderettes, historic architecture and restored tube carriages – where you can even enter your own London AWA photo in a competition.

a retro black car sits in the centre in the middle of a vineyard

It’s not just perusing photos and scribbling down travel wishlists, Accidentally Wes Anderson will also reveal the story behind each fascinating destination. Plus, you can get behind the camera yourself, with a selection of photo ops that will have you perfecting your angles and focusing on symmetry as you channel the iconic director. Those of you who can’t resist a memento will be happy to know there is a gift shop on-site where you can get your hands on exclusive AWA merchandise. Whether you’re a newcomer to the community or a fan since day one, this exhibition is an unmissable visual adventure that showcases the many curious delights you can find across the globe, or even on your very own doorstep.

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