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This Notorious Prison-Themed Cocktail Experience Is Tripling In Size

It’s one of London’s OG cocktail experience, the one that showed the world what immersive drinking experiences could be like. And it spawned a love affair with the genre that finds Londoners constantly seeking out the latest example. And now Alcotraz is expanding their prison to give even more inmates guests the chance to try the unforgettable night out.

Set to open in November 1, even more cocktail-drinkers (or inmates) will get to experience exciting new storylines at the new Alcotraz. There will be three full Cell Blocks, 30 individual prison cells, and seven secret rooms. The new site spans 5,000 square feet, where up to 180 hooch-swilling inmates can be imprisoned at a time. That’s triple the size of the previous site, which could only hold 85 guests at once. Their new site moves them from Brick Lane across to Hackney Road, staying in a similar area but upgrading the space significantly.

a mock-up of the new layout for the new Alcotraz
Credit: Alcotraz

With the new site comes a new theatrical storyline that pushes the boundaries, making the guests a crucial part of the immersive experience. You might end up on the wrong side of a parole hearing in the Warden’s Office, or helping inmates smuggle liquor in through the laundry room. Perhaps you’ll find yourself in the Visitation room, asking your lawyer for help, or in the middle of an interrogation in the Interrogation Room. Kick up too much of a fuss, and you might even find yourself in solitary confinement.

But what about the drinks?

It’s a cocktail experience after all, right? Right. But as you might have already guessed, it’s no ordinary one. You’ll have to smuggle your own alcohol past the guards (aka it’s BYO) into the prison, where some of Alcotraz’s longest-serving inmates will transform the contraband liquor into delicious cocktails. Then you’ll don the orange jumpsuits and find your cell, where the inmates will stealthily deliver you your drinks. After all, there’s no bar in prison! Well, okay, there is one here…

an inmate delivering drinks in Alcotraz
Credit: Alcotraz

Perfect for any occasion, be it a hen or stag do, a Christmas celebration, or a birthday, Alcotraz brings to life a fictitious world from cinema and TV. There are nods to iconic shows such as Orange is the New Black, Prison Break, and Shawshank Redemption. To emphasize the distinction between the real world and the fictional world of the experience, the company behind Alcotraz will also be announcing its partnership with a UK charity working within the criminal justice system, ahead of the launch of the new venue.

guests cheersing their drinks, wearing orange jumpsuits
Credit: Alcotraz

Said Sam Shearman, creator of Alcotraz and founder of Inventive Productions:

“After five years of developing the Alcotraz brand and opening venues across the country, it feels incredible to put the focus back on London, the city where it all started, and launch a truly incredible flagship venue. This will be our biggest project yet and offers scope to expand our storylines and offer an ever-increasing unique experience to guests. We are also truly excited about the charity partnerships that we have on the horizon which will help raise awareness of real-life issues within the justice system and provide support to a fantastic UK charity.”

The Alcotraz details

Bookings can be made through the website. Bookings for before November 1 will take place at the Brick Lane location, while those for after November 1 will take place at Unit 3B, Rosewood Building, Hackney Road, E2 8GY. Tickets cost £36.99 per person, which includes the cocktails made from the liquor you smuggled in. Not sure how much to bring? A rough guide suggests a 350ml bottle for two people, a 700ml bottle for 3-4, and a variety of spirits for larger groups. And don’t worry, they’ll return any unused alcohol – if you’re granted parole!

An Alcotraz guard swigging from a flask
Credit: Alcotraz

Keep up to date with the new opening through their socials (psst, they often post discount codes there!). And remember, don’t forget the hooch!

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