This Luxury London Hotel Lobby Has Been Transformed Into A Magically Immersive Winter Utopia

Every inch of the capital city has been festively illuminated over the past month (or two), and ME London has merrily followed suit. This festive season, their iconic atrium-style lobby has been transformed by renowned digital artist, Mathieu Le Sourd (AKA: MAOTIK), who has worked his magic and created an immersive experience to reflect the everchanging tapestry of the winter sky. Sounds utterly brrr-illiant, if you ask me.

Located in the heart of the luxury lifestyle hotel, ARCTIC LUMINA – Winter In Motion will provide a unique festive experience for Londoners and visitors alike. The exhibition will seamlessly blend frosty landscapes with abstract visuals and will be accompanied by a harmonious symphony of sound, creating a breathtaking sensory experience.

Credit: ME London / MAOTIK

A venue dedicated to showcasing creativity; ME London’s atrium is the perfect backdrop to display this digital masterpiece. MAOTIK is no stranger to creating interactive other-worldly experiences that push the boundaries of artistic expression, having previously exhibited audio-visual performances at some of the world’s leading festivals and institutions.

MAOTIK’s signature approach involves utilising computer-generated algorithms and audio-visual tools to reshape the viewers’ perception of space. No two viewings of ARCTIC LUMINA will be the same, as it will respond to audience movement, through dynamic shapes and colours.

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A perfect addition to a festive day out in the capital city. And hey, whilst you’re there – it would be rude not to end your visit with a trip to ME London’s very own rooftop bar, Radio Rooftop, for a festive tipple (or three).

The ARCTIC LUMINA – Winter In Motion installation is available to view until January 15, with daily immersive shows at 7pm. 

📍ME London, 336-337 The Strand, WC2R 1HA.

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