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This Craft Brewery Is Brewing Up A Storm With Groovy, A Beer For Menstrual Health


A new independent brewery has started up operations in Camden under the oversight of American transplant Rich White. Touting itself as “An American Brewery in London”, Werewolf Beer‘s passion for all things spooky is immediately clear. A glance at their beer names shows such offerings as Psychobilly, Horror Show, Hell-O-Ween, and their latest release, Groovy. But while they may flirt with the terrifying, they’re all about making beer an inclusive and welcoming space for all – thus the story behind their latest release.

Some of the beers on offer from Werewolf Beer
Credit: Polly Di Silvestro

Brewed to raise funds for IAPMD, who offer support and resources for people with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Groovy is both raising funds and spreading awareness. The beer was made in collaboration with Craft Beer Cares and The Mad Yank Brewery. With the beer available for trade and public sales, Werewolf Beer have committed to donating £10 per keg and £12 per case sold to IAPMD.

Groovy beer being brewed
Credit: Polly Di Silvestro

What is PMDD?

Polly Di Silvestro, Werewolf Beer’s Sales & Marketing Manager (and the one behind the idea for the beer), explains it as follows:

PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. It is a chronic condition where the brain reacts negatively to cyclical hormonal fluctuations. PMDD is not PMS, nor is it a hormonal imbalance.

With Groovy, Werewolf Beer wants to help IAPMD save more lives. And by shining a light on the issue they want to shake things up in the male-dominated industry. The beer itself is a blood orange and thyme radler – a radler being a blend of soda or fruit juice with a light lager or wheat beer. Due to the low ABV, it can be enjoyed by everyone. And since it uses blood orange in place of the very common (for radlers) grapefruit, it doesn’t clash with SSRI’s like grapefruit-containing beers and drinks do. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s just damn delicious – and the perfectly light and citrusy summer quencher.

Groovy Beer Launch

To launch the beer, Werewolf Beer will be celebrating with first pours at their taproom on Saturday, August 6, from 3pm. Melissa Cole, an esteemed beer and food writer, will be hosting an event discussing the challenges women and AFAB people face in the beer industry. The talk will also touch on the struggles of battling hidden conditions in the industry. Following on from that, it’s typical Werewolf Beer vibes as everyone enjoys the new brew with brewery tours on offer and maybe even a ride on the Ghost Train!

Promo pic for Groovy beer
Credit: Polly Di Silvestro

You can find their taproom at Arch 87 Randolph Street NW1 0SR, just 3 minutes from Camden Road station and 10 minutes from Camden Town station. In addition to the Groovy launch event, the taproom is open open on Fridays from 4pm-9pm, and Saturdays 12pm-9pm. Keep an eye on their socials to find out what’s pouring, and what other events they might have coming up.

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