There’s a New Dining Option Making Waves in Chicago, But the ‘View’ Also Comes With a Price

There's a New Dining Option Making Waves in Chicago, But the ‘View' Also Comes With a Price

A new pop-up dining option is getting a lot of attention in Chicago, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Dinner With a View launched in Chicago’s Pioneer Court on Friday, offering diners a limited-time option to sit inside a clear geodesic dome and eat a three-course blind menu from an unnamed “celebrity chef” using locally-sourced ingredients. The pop up only runs from April 7 through May 14.

Calling it a “one-a-kind evening,” organizers say meal options include beef, chicken, fish and vegan, with all food guaranteed to be shellfish, pork and nut free.

“Under the starlit sky. At an incredible place. With the people you cherish most. From these simple sentiments, a perfect evening is born,” the website states. “One that puts you at the pinnacle of culinary creativity and design innovation. A night of discovery, adventure, and bold inspiration. The location, cuisine, and views always differ, but one thing remains unchanged: Dinner With A View will deliver an evening of unforgettable memories long after your meal is over.”

So what does such an experience cost?

Renting the dome itself requires a minimum of four people or a maximum of six for $200. After that, each person will need to pay $130 for their dinner.

Gratuity, taxes, and a service fee will all be charged at the end of the meal.

It’s also important to note that drinks are not included in the purchase of the meal.

The pop-ups have also appeared in a number of other cities, including Toronto, Montreal, San Diego, Vancouver and Atlanta.

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