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The Lucky Club Camden Is Transforming Into A Cosy Winter Rooftop Garden

The Lucky Club Camden may have only opened back in May, but their tacos and margaritas ruled the summer rooftop game. And now, they’re looking to do it all again – by keeping the winter rooftop party going. They’ll keep the tacos coming and the margaritas flowing at their gorgeous venue, but they’ve given everything a wintry, holiday touch.

a quartet of festive looking margarites in an array of bright colours
Credit: Harry Johnson

Launching on November 11, The Lucky Club Camden will be transformed into a Cosy Winter Rooftop Garden. We’re talking fire pits, fairy lights strung up everywhere, and festive foliage. They’ll also be revamping their menus to give things a Yuletide twist. The Cranberita spices up the classic margarita with the festive addition of cranberries and ginger, while the Mezcal Penicillin brings smoky, warming flavours. Then there’s the Pica Chocolate, set to rule the cocktail roost, with its blend of tequila, chocolate, lime, and chilli all in one drink. That’s not all, though, with a Christmas Apple Sour, a Chai Old Fashioned, and a host of other festive margaritas also available.

A Christmas apple sour cocktail
Credit: Harry Johnson

They haven’t neglected the food, either, with Roast Turkey Quesadillas hitting the menu alongside Pigs in Blankets Tacos, which load all the holiday lunch trimmings into a taco. Surely a Pigs in Blankets Taco can’t be resisted?

A rooftop? In winter? Are you mad?

Scared of the cold, up above Camden Market on a rooftop? There’s no need to worry, as they’ll be keeping everyone warm with heaters, wool blankets, and hot water bottles to hand. Their boozy Lucky Hot Chocolate will also keep the cold at bay. That’s a mezcal and chilli spiked Oaxacan hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, chocolate shards, and a giant Lucky Club marshmallow. We know what we’ll be ordering first!

a hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream, a branded marshmallow, and a chilli, surrounded by pinecones
Credit: Harry Johnson

And because brunchdoesn’t stop being a thing just because it’s a bit colder, The Lucky Club Camden will also be offering up an all new brunch selection at their winter rooftop wonderland. They’re going hearty and bold with the flavours, serving up Huevos Rancheros, Tacos Al Pastor, and Loaded Green Nachos alongside mezcal twists on Bloody Marys (aka a Bloody Maria, when tequila or mezcal replaces the vodka!) and Espresso Martinis.

They’ve become somewhat famous for their delightful deals and promotions, and they’ll be keeping those going in their new wintry get-up. Thursdays will still see 30% off their delicious food, all day. And the “Lucky Hour” running from Monday to Thursday between 5-6PM will remain in place, seeing guests invited to roll the dice before each round. Roll a lucky number 7, and your cocktail is completely free. And in addition to those deals, Wednesdays see all cocktails slashed to just £9.50 each – a saving of up to 30% on some of the drinks!

the Lucky Club Camden sign
Credit: Harry Johnson

The Winter Rooftop Garden @ The Lucky Club Camden Launches Friday November 11, 2022. Head to North Stables Yard in Camden Market to check it out. Or you can just go now, and then go again after the transformation. With prices like theirs, and a setting like that, your friends won’t need much convincing! Keep an eye on their socials while you’re at it, to keep up to date with everything they’re up to.

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