The 20 Best Target Swimsuits to Scoop Up This Season

If Target is your one-stop shop for everything from chic furniture to affordable (and stylish) clothing, you’re in good company. Our editors peruse the retailer’s new arrivals section incessantly, both because it’s part of the job description and because it’s constantly unveiling highly covetable pieces across all categories. The brand’s swimsuit offerings are no exception; the Target team’s seemingly been working overtime to deliver A+ pieces that everyone will love, such as O-ring and strappy designs for trend enthusiasts and triangle tops and sporty one-pieces for those who err towards timeless silhouettes.

Overwhelmed by all of the options? That feeling is justified; there are quite literally hundreds on the brand’s site, and many of them are selling out fast. So to help you curate this summer’s swimwear lineup, we put hypothetical blood, sweat, and tears into compiling the 20 best Target swimsuits of 2023. Whether you’re looking for a floral bikini, a sexy cutout style, or a full-coverage one-piece to chase around little ones in, there are plenty of covetable options for you ahead. Click on your preferred style below to jump straight to it, and happy swimwear shopping.

  • Bikinis
  • One-Pieces
  • Or keep scrolling to check out the complete guide of our favorite Target swimsuits of the season.

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