Twitter’s media boss, Ross Hoffman, is leaving the company

The Verge Technology 4 months ago

Ross Hoffman, Twitter’s VP of global content partnerships who’s been running the company’s media team for the past year, is leaving, according to multiple sources.

Hoffman has been at Twitter for almost seven years in various media and brand roles, and took over the company’s media team last June. That group was hit hard during Twitter’s layoffs in the fall, and has morphed over the years from a pure media partnerships group into a hybrid team focused on media and sales deals. Today, the media team also works on sales deals around Twitter’s amplify video efforts, for example.

A company spokesperson declined to comment.

Hoffman’s team did not handle Twitter’s live video partnerships, though, like its recent 24/7 livestreaming deal with Bloomberg or its deal last fall to stream NFL football games. Those live video deals are handled by another team inside Twitter and ultimately roll up to COO Anthony Noto.

Hoffman’s departure comes just one day after Ameet Ranadive, Twitter’s VP of revenue products, also announced that he was departing.

Earlier this week, Twitter also announced that Bruce Falck, a former Googler and ad tech executive from Silicon Valley, was taking over its revenue products as general manager.

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