Will singer Emma Blackery benefit from the iPhone X factor?

The Guardian Technology 9 months ago

Name: Emma Blackery.

Age: 25.

Appearance: Surprised.

Profession: DIY singer/songwriter.

I don’t know what that means. Does she write songs about DIY? Blackery, from Basildon, writes, performs and records songs and uploads the videos to her YouTube channel.

And how’s that going? Fine, until now – but a lot better all of a sudden.

How come? In the middle of Apple’s live launch of its new iPhone X on Tuesday, the cover of her latest album was shown on the giant backdrop.

She must have been thrilled when they told her that was going to happen. Apparently they didn’t tell her – she just saw it while she happened to be watching the launch.

And what was her reaction? She went on Twitter and wrote: “WHAT THE FUCK JUST FUCKING HAPPENED.”

She’s adorable. That’s what everyone else thought – she has gained loads of new fans as a result of this brief, but global, exposure. The big time now awaits.

I’ve said it before: the internet is weird. I guess Blackery can give up her day job now. Being a singer-songwriter is her day job, along with posting loads of lifestyle vlogs.

People can make money doing that? They can, and they do.

Nevertheless, it’s a classic rags to riches story. I wonder how Apple found her. It’s a mystery, but it could have something to do with her 1.4m YouTube subscribers, her 656k Twitter followers, and her 401k Instagram followers.

So she’s actually quite famous already. Depends on what you mean by famous. She played Shepherd’s Bush Empire in June. Oh, and she had a book published last week.

That’s exactly what I mean by famous. Where did she come from? She started out reading excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey on YouTube, and then branched out into comedy videos, advice vlogs, music and being an all-round popular online presence.

I’ve said it before … Yes, you have.

Do say: “If I work hard, sell enough music and build up a huge fan base, I too might one day see my face used without my permission during a boring online presentation about phones.”

Don’t say: “Hey, Apple! Thanks for messing up my Samsung sponsorship deal!”

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