Fortnite cheat FaZe Jarvis, 17, is leaving $14.8 million LA mansion and going back home to the UK to ‘take a break’

The Sun Technology 1 week ago

FORTNITE gamer FaZe Jarvis has announced to fans that he’s returning to the UK after being banned from the popular game for life.

The decision will see the 17-year-old Brit give up the $14.8 million (£11.6 million) LA mansion where he is currently residing.

FaZe Jarvis announced to his more than two million subscribers on Sunday that he was returning home to take a break[/caption]

Distraught Jarvis Kaye, revealed last week that he had been stopped from playing Fortnite

Jarvis, whose real name is Jarvis Kaye, uploaded a tearful apology last week, telling his more than two million followers that he had been banned from the battle royale-style shooter game for allegedly cheating.

On Sunday, he uploaded another video to announce his next steps, declaring: “I want to let you all know is that you’re going to make mistakes in your life but the most important thing is how you learn from those mistakes and become a better person.

“Taking a break isn’t going to be easy, but I know it’s the right thing.

“I’m heading home for a bit to be with my family and reflect on what’s most important to me in life and what’s next.”

Jarvis said in the video that he had experienced a “crazy year” and the recent controversy had been a “huge learning process.”

The giant 10-bedroom LA mansion that the gamer is giving up – named “FaZe House” – reportedly boasts a pool and cinema, as well as offering views of the city and Hollywood Hills.


In this weekend’s video announcement, the teenager mentioned his upbringing with his mother, who lives in a middle-class area of Oxted, Surrey.

The gamer said: “I lived the majority of my life with my mum, my grandma and my brothers.

“I used to be a pretty normal kid. I was a bit quiet and shy. But this all changed one Christmas when Frazier and I got given our first PlayStation.”

Frazier is Jarvis’ brother, known as FaZe Kay, with whom he set up “The FaZe Clan,” an esports team.

It was reported that the pair have helped to make the team around $7.9 million (£6.2 million) in the past year – around $3 million (£2.4 million) in prize money and $4.9 million (£3.8 million) from sponsorship deals.

While Jarvis did not cheat in a competitive game of Fortnite, he was banned from the game for uploading videos showing him using aimbots in a public game on an alternative account.

Aimbots are a hack that allow players to automatically target their opponents, as well as, for example, seeing through walls, which can give a player an unfair advantage.

Such hacks are heavily fought back against by the game’s developers, Epic Games, given the large amounts of revenue in the gaming world.

It’s often referenced that Fortnite has round 250 million gamers worldwide, and the game’s World Cup featured $30 million in prize money this year.

As well as a following of more than two million subscribers on YouTube, Jarvis has nearly 600,000 followers on the streaming platform Twitch.

Due to his growing career as a gamer, those defending the British teenager have said the punishment by Epic was overly harsh.

Some have pointed to the repeated warnings Jarvis gave others as proof that he in no way wanted to promote cheating.

Meanwhile, others have said his decision undermined other players, and so he should be banned regardless of his intentions.

Ninja, the world’s most recognizable Fortnite player, has also jumped to Jarvis’ defense, as his career depends on the game.

Fortnite star Jarvis joked and bragged about using an aimbot to cheat in the game
The swanky Hollywood Hills pad overlooks Los Angeles
The bright and modern home has stunning views and is used as a gaming pad for Jarvis and his mates
Gamers at the house play on expensive rigs that most normal players could never afford
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