Apple iMessage tips and tricks – unlock secret games, hear voice notes faster and find old texts quickly

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APPLE launched iMessage eight years ago, and it’s fast become one of the world’s biggest chat apps, delivering 200,000 messages every second.

Far from simply being a place for your texts, the service has a treasure trove of fun tools and features that most Apple fans don’t even know about.

iMessage is one of the world’s biggest chat apps[/caption]

From secret games to tricks that help you find old texts in a flash, we’ve summed up seven of the app’s best hidden highlights below.

Each of them works on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod – try them out today.

1) Handwrite a message

We’re not entirely sure why you’d want to scrawl a message on your phone, but it’s pretty fun to play around with all the same.

To handwrite your texts rather than tap away at your keyboard, open a thread on iMessage.

If you’re on an iPhone, tilt it so it’s horizontal. On an iPad, simply open the keyboard.

Under the backspace on your Apple keyboard, there should be a squiggly line. Tap it to handwrite your message.

You can handwrite messages on your iPhone

2) Games on iMessage

Open any message thread and tap on the App Store icon above the keyboard.

Hit the search icon, type in the game you want to play, and download it.

Now open the thread of the person you want to play the game with.

Tap on the icon of the game in the app bar above the keyboard and you’re good to go.

3) How to quickly find old messages on iMessage

There are two tricks to help you find your old messages.

First, you can quickly hop to the top of a message thread by hitting tapping on the time stamp at the top of your display.

You can also find old messages using the search function.

Open the app and type what you’re looking for in the search bar at the top of your messages.

Any messages containing that phrases will pop up on your screen.

iMessage works on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and more[/caption]

4) How to send a message as SMS if iMessage is down

Open Settings > Scroll to ‘Messages’ > Toggle on “Send as SMS”.

5) How to block someone from seeing read receipts on iMessage

Like WhatsApp, Apple’s messages app has a handy feature that means your contact can see when you’ve read their messages.

However, the tool is a little annoying if you want to read what someone has said in secret.

Fortunately, you can turn off read receipts for certain contacts in iMessage by heading to your joint message thread.

Tap on the contact name at the top of the thread, hit the information icon and then toggle off “send read receipts”.

You can send your location to a contact on Messages

6) How to share your location with someone on iMessage

Within the Messages app, head to thread of the person you want to send your location to.

Tap on the contact name at the top of the thread and hit the information icon.

Select “Send my Current Location”.

The feature is also available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

7) How to hear audio messages quickly on iMessage

There’s any easy way to speed up how you listen to voice messages.

Head to Settings > Messages > Audio messages > toggle “raise to listen”.

Now, whenever you bring your phone to your ear, audio messages will play automatically.

Apple also has a “Business Chat” tool for iMessage that lets you text top brands for customer support.

An iPhone vulnerability meant hackers could break into people’s devices just by sending them a text.

We’ve put together a list of iPhone tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your mobile.

Got any good iMessage tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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