Astronauts will test drive a robot on Earth from International Space Station

USA Today Technology 3 weeks ago
The European Space Agency is preparing an experiment to test a rover on Earth being controlled by an astronaut on board the Space Station.

The European Space Agency is preparing an experiment to test a rover on Earth being controlled by an astronaut on board the Space Station.

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Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station just printed meat in space for the first time. On September 25, the Israeli food-tech startup Aleph Farms loaded a spacecraft with vials of cow cells. When the cells arrived at the space station...
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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Forget reheated, freeze-dried space grub. Astronauts are about to get a new test oven for baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch. The next delivery of supplies for the International Space Station — scheduled for liftoff...
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Two hundred and forty-eight miles away from Earth and without a cow in sight, the first piece of beef has been grown in space.
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Space cookies, anyone? Astronauts will be whipping up cookies in the first oven designed for microgravity on the International Space Station.
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The International Space Station is unusually crowded this week because the station command is changing hands. On Tuesday, the nine people onboard crowded into a corner to snap a photo. The group won't be together for long, though — three of the...
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Lots of people are inspired by the idea of outer space and space travel, but the reality of daily life in space is probably much different than what you think. For one thing astronauts on the International Space Station get most of their drinking water...
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In the weightlessness of space, astronauts need to be creative to get some shut eye. Watch astronauts get ready for bed on the International Space Station.
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An American, Russian and the first person from the UAE to fly into space returned to Earth after a six-hour flight from the International Space Station, landing safely in Kazakhstan.
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New Delhi (Sputnik): Initial designs of the space station suggest that it will be a 20-tonne modular abode located in low earth orbit (LEO), at an altitude of between 120 km and 140 km.
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Boeing's capsule for astronauts had its first major flight test Monday, shooting a mile in the air then parachuting back to the ground. Another test calls for a launch of Starliner to the International Space Station next month, without a crew. (Nov. 4)
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