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Teachers in Two Mass. Communities on the Verge of a Strike

Teachers in Two Mass. Communities on the Verge of a Strike

Teachers in both Malden and Haverhill communities are on the verge of going on strike.

School will be closed on Monday if the two sides can’t come to an agreement

“Striking does nothing to bring us together to come to a mutual decision on a contract which is fair and equitable for our teachers”, said Haverhill officials

Meanwhile, Malden is dealing with a similar situation. Teachers there are also calling for a strike Monday if no deal is reached this weekend. City officials say school is still on for now, but they are prepared to close Monday if need be.

A strike in either city would impact some 6,000 students in Malden and 8,000 in Haverhill. Teachers are prohibited from striking under Massachusetts law and could face legal action if they walk out.

“We are understaffed. We are grossly understaffed right now to the point that if somebody doesn’t come into a building that has a trickledown effect to everyone there and obviously that has an effect on our students” said Tim Briggs, President of the Haverhill Education Association.

Local unions from across Massachusetts communities have expressed solidarity for Malden and Haverhill teachers.

The Andover Education Association, Tewksbury Teachers Association, Somerville Educators Union, Wellesley Educators Association, Burlington Educators’ Association, Belmont Education Association, and Brookline Educators Union have announced their support for the Haverhill Education Association and Malden Education Association in their pending strikes.

“We stand ready and willing to offer whatever support may be needed for their strike efforts, including picketing and inducing support by other public employees.” they said in a statement.

Teachers here in Haverhill and Malden will rally at their respective city halls this afternoon.

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