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ABC News › 12 minutes ago
Wataru "Wat" Misaka, the first player of Japanese descent to play in the league that was the predecessor to the NBA, has died
ABC News › 14 minutes ago
More than 97 pounds of salad was recalled due to possible e. coli contamination.
Washington Post › 30 minutes ago
His company, Burton Snowboards, was credited with transforming snowboarding from a renegade diversion into one of the most popular winter sports.
Washington Post › 35 minutes ago
At a hearing Wednesday, an official said the hospital was changing staff and reviewing policies.
ABC News › 50 minutes ago
Williams and Oswaldo Aparcana, both taxi drivers in Peru, told “20/20” that van der Sloot had been rushing them as they drove him overnight to the city of Tacna, near the Peru-Chile border, in 2010.
CBS News › 1 hour ago
Health officials are reporting a rise in lung illnesses linked to vaping. There are now nearly 2,300 illnesses and nearly 50 deaths. As Dr. Jon LaPook reports, the news comes after a teen was hospitalized for what could be "popcorn lung."
ABC News › 1 hour ago
A New Zealand jury has been asked to decide whether a British backpacker was murdered or died accidentally after a sex game went wrong
CBS News › 1 hour ago
A top White House adviser told Congress Thursday she knew attempts to pressure Ukraine would "blow up." Fiona Hill also said she warned Ambassador Gordon Sondland he was carrying out a "political errand" for the president. Nancy Cordes reports.
ABC News › 1 hour ago
Authorities say one person was injured, and five people were arrested during a demonstration by hundreds of people outside a University of California, Berkeley auditorium where conservative commentator Ann Coulter gave a speech
Washington Post › Lifestyle › 1 hour ago
Called to the spotlight, David Holmes and Fiona Hill exuded the best of official Washington style: relevant, competent and proudly efficient.
USA Today › 2 hours ago
Detroit police Chief James Craig says a gunman who fatally shot one officer and wounded another was trying “to bait” them as they searched a home for him (Nov. 21)
ABC News › 2 hours ago
It’s been a year and a half since Megan Lively revealed she was raped in 2003 by a fellow student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary — and that Paige Patterson, then president of the seminary, counselled her not to go to the police
ABC News › 2 hours ago
A woman who says she suffered lasting damage from being sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein when she was 17 years old has sued his estate
USA Today › 3 hours ago
Former aide testifies Ukraine was \
Washington Post › Politics › 3 hours ago
Trump's former top Russia adviser explains the moment she realized Sondland was doing Trump's bidding
Washington Post › 3 hours ago
Israel's embattled prime minister was formally indicted Thursday, after months of speculation.
Washington Post › Sports › 3 hours ago
Garrett was indefinitely suspended by the league after striking Rudolph with his own helmet during a game last week. Rudolph denied he made the slur.
Washington Post › 3 hours ago
Sedley Alley was executed based on little physical evidence and an allegedly coerced confession. A Tennessee judge refused the DNA test that could exonerate him.
CBS News › 3 hours ago
Republican Congressman Mike Conway pressed State Department official David Holmes over his recollection of the phone call between Ambassador Gordon Sondland and President Trump, accusing him of "regaling" others with the account. Holmes responded, "Sir...
CBS News › 4 hours ago
Colonel Don Christensen is the president of Protect Our Defenders, an organization dedicated to helping those in the military combat sexual assault, and he is also the former chief prosecutor for the U.S. Air Force. Christensen explains some of the...
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