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ABC News › Lifestyle › 1 day ago
Congressman Ted Lieu of California is recovering following surgery to implant a heart stent after he experienced chest pains
Breitbart › Politics › 1 day ago
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) underwent heart surgery following reports of chest pains, his chief of staff confirmed on Wednesday.
The Hill › 1 day ago
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) underwent surgery Tuesday after experiencing chest pain and will be absent from Congress for the remainder of the week.His office said in a statement Wednesday that Lieu was admitted to Geo...
Raw Story › 1 week ago
According to a report from Axios this Thursday, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was directed by the White House to block a resolution formally recognizing Turkey’s genocide of the Armenian people. Cramer’s move marks the third time the Trump...
The Hill › 1 week ago
Princess Anne went viral this week after appearing to shrug at Queen Elizabeth while she and other members of the royal family greeted President Trump.The queen, flanked by fellow members of the royal family, appea...
The Hill › 1 week ago
As he made his closing argument for the impeachment of President Trump, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's voice began to rise.The California Democrat's eyes became moist and his bottom lip quivere...
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
On Friday's broadcast of CNN's "OutFront," Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) stated that a decision on whether to file articles of impeachment will be made | Clips
The Hill › 3 weeks ago
In what could be the last round of public hearings in the Democrats' high-speed impeachment inquiry, two senior national security experts testified Thursday that President Trump had pressed for investigations in Ukraine t...
CBS News › 3 weeks ago
"We urge the FBI to investigate these allegations and assure the American people that public office is not for sale," the Democratic representatives said in a letter to the FBI director
Alternet › 3 weeks ago
The House of Representatives is reportedly investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in written testimony during the Russia probe. According to CNN, House attorney Douglas Letter told…
Fox News › Politics › 3 weeks ago
A State Department official told the House impeachment inquiry that he heard President Trump talking with E.U. Ambassador GOrdon Sondland about “investigations” in Ukraine.
Breitbart › Politics › 3 weeks ago
On Saturday's broadcast of MSNBC's "AM Joy," Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) stated that House Democrats "want to look at all these instances of witness | Clips
HuffPost › Politics › 3 weeks ago
A diplomat told investigators in the impeachment inquiry he overheard the president's call with U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.
The New York Times › Politics › 3 weeks ago
The Latest on the deposition of State Department official David Holmes (all times local):
The Boston Globe › 3 weeks ago
The impeachment committees met Friday in a closed session with David Holmes, a staff member at the US embassy in Kyiv, about this week’s revelation that Trump on July 26 asked envoy Gordon Sondland about the status of “investigations” he sought...
Slate › Politics › 3 weeks ago
And then right-wing pundits explained why, actually, Trump's tweet was a good idea.
Politico › Politics › 1 month ago
Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have a messaging strategy that's intended to avoid a political debacle like the Mueller hearing.
New York Post › 1 month ago
President Trump charged Monday that transcripts of testimony in the impeachment probe were “doctored.” “Shifty Adam Schiff will only release doctored transcripts,” he asserted, referring to Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence...
Politico › Politics › 1 month ago
The marathon depositions often strayed into odd topics.
Forbes › 1 month ago
In a change to his testimony, Gordon Sondland said his recollection had been “refreshed,” confirming a quid pro quo.
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