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New York Post › Opinions › 1 hour ago
Foreign desk: The Specter of Labour Jew-Hatred “At no point in post-World War II British history,” Toby Greene rues at NBC Think, “has anti-Semitism seen the prominence in national politics that it has in the lead-up to Thursday’s general...
The Independent › Politics › 1 hour ago
Michael Cohen 'painfully recognises the need to atone' following guilty pleas to cover for president
New York Post › Politics › 1 hour ago
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said Wednesday that his lengthy investigation into the origins of the probe into Russia and President Trump’s campaign didn’t vindicate the former FBI chief James Comey — or anyone else...
RT › 2 hours ago
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has approved a bill asking the State Department to determine whether Russia falls under criteria of a state sponsor of terrorism, potentially opening a way stricter sanctions. Read Full Article at
Newsweek › 2 hours ago
The United States has more aircraft than Russia and China combined, making up a quarter of the world's military air fleet.
Washington Examiner › 2 hours ago
Sen. John Kennedy said it was easier to get divorced than get fired from the FBI, during a hearing with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
New York Post › 2 hours ago
A Republican Louisiana senator said Wednesday he felt like he’d “dropped acid” and wanted “to heave” while reading the Justice Department’s top watchdog’s 476-page report on Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign. “I want to thank you and...
Sputnik International › Technology › 2 hours ago
A new cybersecurity report asserts that North Korea-based hackers belonging to Lazarus Group have recently teamed up with the “most resourceful Russian botnet operation on the landscape.”
Sputnik International › 3 hours ago
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke in favour of stepping up efforts to combat terrorism in Syria, including in Idlib province, during phone talks on Wednesday, Kremlin's press service...
Sputnik International › 3 hours ago
The Daily Beast › Politics › 3 hours ago
Ukrainian officials spent last weekend glued to Trump’s Twitter feed. People working closely with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have been in contact with Trump administration officials over the past several weeks discussing the relationship...
Newsweek › 3 hours ago
Iran has vowed to defy "hegemonic powers" trying to limit its naval capabilities and has sought to court major Eastern powers amid tensions with the West.
The Inquisitr › 4 hours ago
At a campaign rally Tuesday evening in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump made a claim about two former FBI employees that even Trump himself admitted he could not support with any evidence. As quoted by The Daily Beast, he claimed that former...
New York Post › 4 hours ago
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tore into the FBI agents and Justice Department officials who conducted the Russia probe — comparing them to buffoonish cartoon characters.
New York Post › 5 hours ago
President Trump told Russia’s foreign minister that Moscow’s meddling in America’s elections was unacceptable, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday — contradicting the diplomat’s assertion that the two never discussed the issue...
Sputnik International › 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has advanced a bill to consider designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, a committee spokesperson said on Wednesday.
Washington Examiner › 6 hours ago
The intelligence briefing the FBI gave to Donald Trump’s team during the 2016 campaign was a “pretext” to gather evidence on the candidate and his foreign policy adviser to help in their counterintelligence investigation, according to the Justice...
The Independent › Politics › 6 hours ago
Sergey Lavrov: 'All speculations about our alleged interference in domestic processes in the United States are baseless'
Breitbart › Politics › 6 hours ago
At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Sen. Lindsey Graham said top federal officials abused their power to try to take down Donald Trump.
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