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Breitbart › Politics › 21 hours ago
The nation's "shifting demographics" will "further doom" the Republican Party across the country, a LA Times columnist writes.
The Independent › Politics › 1 day ago
Intelligence committee member admits president's tweets attacking witness were 'unfortunate'
The Daily Beast › Politics › 1 day ago
Yana Paskova/GettyIt’s called the “Black Ledger.” And it’s the account of corrupt payments that allegedly shows Ukraine’s former pro-Russian government paying its cronies, including former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The ledger has...
The Independent › Politics › 1 day ago
Host says 'he stepped back off the Trump train' before firing
Breitbart › Politics › 1 day ago
A majority of Americans say they want to see more deportations of illegal aliens and increased security along the U.S.-Mexico border.
OZY › Politics › 2 days ago
President Trump can’t help himself from jumping headlong into the impeachment fray, to his own detriment.
Newsweek › 2 days ago
Whether the "Trump bump" endorsement will pan out for Rispone, as it did for Tate Reeves in Mississippi—or flop, as it did for Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky—is anyone's guess. But his campaign bears one marked similarity to Bevin's.
Sputnik International › Politics › 3 days ago
Statements made by the former president during a meeting of Democracy Alliance, a network of liberal donors, have drawn huge criticism from supporters of the Democrats. One said that President Obama had turned his back on the idea of hope and change...
Sputnik International › Politics › 3 days ago
The former New York mayor has now started a hefty ad campaign targeting the US swing and battlefield states, where Donald Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. The move, however, has been interpreted as a start to a grand 2020 campaign...
Breitbart › Politics › 4 days ago
President Donald Trump denied that he was trying to intimidate former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.
NBC News › Politics › 4 days ago
Matthews: Republicans tried, and failed, to expose Yovanovitch as never-Trumper
NBC News › Politics › 4 days ago
Republicans are casting Yovanovitch’s testimony as irrelevant
NBC News › Politics › 4 days ago
Republicans blasted 'hearsay' impeachment testimony. But they were in Congress, not court.
Telegraph › Politics › 4 days ago
Donald Trump's former ambassador to the Ukraine is expected to describe a "concerted campaign" to remove her as the US president and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, pushed for investigations into a political opponent.
NBC News › Politics › 4 days ago
OPINION: Republicans' Sixth Amendment impeachment objection has ominous implications
The Hill › 4 days ago
Republicans are eagerly awaiting the Justice Department's report on alleged surveillance abuse of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.The findings of the Justice Department watchdog's investigation - the re...
Sputnik International › Politics › 4 days ago
On today’s episode of The Critical Hour, Dr. Wilmer Leon is joined by Lee Stranahan, co-host of Fault Lines on Sputnik News Radio.
New York Post › Opinions › 4 days ago
Undying conventional wisdom holds that a growing nonwhite population means the GOP is doomed to become a regional rump party, never to win the presidency again. The 2016 election should have shattered this myth, but the consultants are back at it: The...
New York Post › Politics › 5 days ago
Republican Gov. Matt Bevin conceded to his heated rival Democrat Andy Beshear on Thursday, putting an end to Kentucky’s bitterly fought governor’s race. The Republican governor, who had requested all 120 counties recheck the results from last...
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