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Forbes › Finance › 44 minutes ago
It’s no secret that Recep Tayyip Erdogan aspires to become the next Sultan of Turkey. But, there is one huge obstacle that will block Erdogan’s path to power: the Turkish lira. The lira is one of the world’s junk currencies. It hangs like the...
The New York Times › Politics › 6 hours ago
Comparative politics didn’t used to be a best-selling topic that got people booked on cable news. That was before Trump.
The Boston Globe › Opinions › 17 hours ago
Turkey's president gets to thumb his nose at NATO, continue his assault on Kurds in Syria, and still gets a warm White House welcome.
The New York Times › Opinions › 21 hours ago
Threatening, malicious, contemptuous of the law and public service: Trump to Ukraine is Trump in all departments.
CNN › 1 day ago
An American ISIS suspect has been deported to the US by plane as part of Turkey's push to repatriate alleged foreign fighters to their home countries, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said Friday.
Washington Times › 1 day ago
Syrian President Bashar Assad said in remarks broadcast Friday that the American presence in Syria will lead to armed "resistance" that will eventually force the U.S. troops to leave his country.
The New York Times › 1 day ago
Syrian President Bashar Assad says the American presence in Syria will lead to armed “resistance” that will eventually force the U.S. troops to leave.
CNN › 1 day ago
Turkey has begun the process of returning alleged foreign ISIS fighters to their home countries, starting with an American, a Briton and seven Germans.
Alternet › 2 days ago
Although the first public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump dominated the headlines on Wednesday, there was other important Trump-related news as well in Washington, D.C. — including an Oval…
The New York Times › Opinions › 2 days ago
If the impeachment hearing wasn’t shocking, it’s a sign of how far we’ve fallen.
Raw Story › 2 days ago
Discredit the witnesses, dismiss the accusations against President Donald Trump as hearsay, shift the focus to the Bidens, unmask the whistleblower. The outlines of the White House defense are clear after Day One of the impeachment hearings in the...
Washington Examiner › 2 days ago
The View hosts accused Republicans of a double standard for dismissing the testimony during the recent impeachment hearing as "hearsay" while also impeaching Bill Clinton in the 1990s with "hearsay."
Fox News › 2 days ago
An American citizen with suspected ties to ISIS will be repatriated to the United States after a three-day stay in a no man’s land between the borders of Turkey and Greece.
Fox News › Politics › 2 days ago
South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham ripped into Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a tense Oval Office meeting Wednesday over the country’s invasion of Syria and attacks on America's Kurdish allies, according to aides and the...
CBS News › 2 days ago
Turkish government has been working to repatriate ISIS detainees, and says the U.S. agreed to take back this one who just spent 3 days stuck in a no man's land
Alternet › 2 days ago
Turkey, once the most liberal democracy in the Islamic world, has taken a much more authoritarian turn under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — and with President Donald Trump having withdrawn…
Politico › Politics › 2 days ago
Erdogan makes an implausible offer — The F-35 breaks down a lot
The Sun › 2 days ago
TURKISH officials have deported a Brit IS fighter back to the UK. The fanatic – believed to be on their way to London – was booted out of Ankara with seven German terrorists. The American “militant” – named by local media as Muhammed Darwis...
USA Today › Politics › 2 days ago
"We gave back the letter that we have received," Erdogan said when asked why he ignored Trump's advice to not "be a tough guy" and a "fool" in Syria.
The New York Times › 2 days ago
The Latest on Turkey deporting captured Islamic State suspects to their home countries. (all times local):
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