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Business Insider › 1 hour ago
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace argued that testimony given by Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, during Wednesday's impeachment hearing was "very damaging to the president." "He is a pretty impressive presence up there. And, I think, very...
CBS News › 2 hours ago
President Trump was just in the state last week
ABC News › 4 hours ago
New phone call revealed in impeachment hearing, students barricade university campus in Hong Kong and more.
CBS News › 5 hours ago
Stunning new revelation in impeachment testimony: A phone call apparently overheard in a restaurant directly connects President Trump to a pressure campaign, pushing Ukraine to investigate Democrats. Also, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick...
CBS News › 13 hours ago
During the first day of the public impeachment hearings, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine revealed a previously-undisclosed phone call and a witness that wasn't on anyone else's radar. CBSN legal contributor Rebecca Roiphe joined CBSN to discuss the...
Raw Story › 14 hours ago
On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe broke down why it was all but impossible for Republicans to attack the credibility of diplomats William Taylor and George Kent during their impeachment...
Washington Post › Politics › 16 hours ago
The testimony about the phone call was one of few new revelations during the five-hour opening impeachment hearing that ended with Democrats and Republicans more firmly entrenched behind their established battle lines.
CBS News › 17 hours ago
Ambassador Bill Taylor testified about a phone call between President Trump and E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland. According to Taylor, the takeaway from that call is that the president cared more about investigating his political rival than he did about...
CBS News › 17 hours ago
President Trump has been trying to downplay his relationship with E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland since last week
ABC News › 18 hours ago
President Donald Trump called impeachment proceedings “hearsay” and said he plans to release a transcript of a phone call from April with the Ukraine president.
Washington Examiner › 20 hours ago
Democratic Rep. Peter Welch invited President Trump to testify before Congress, prompting laughter from the House Intelligence Committee hearing room.
The Week › 20 hours ago
Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.) would both love to question the person who "started" the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Welch just has someone different in mind. During the first public impeachment hearing Wednesday, Jordan...
New York Post › 21 hours ago
The Russian professor who beheaded his student-turned-lover and planned to commit suicide dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte had threatened to mutilate another young paramor, according to a report. St. Petersburg State University teacher Oleg Sokolov — a...
NBC News › Politics › 21 hours ago
More on David Holmes, who NBC News reports is the aide Bill Taylor testified overheard a phone call between Trump and Sondland in which Trump asked Sondland about "investigations"
Reuters › Politics › 22 hours ago
A U.S. diplomat testifying in a congressional impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump rejected Republicans' efforts to label him a "star witness" for Democrats, adding that he was not pushing for a particular outcome.
CNN › Politics › 22 hours ago
CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discusses a portion of Bill Taylor's testimony where he talks about a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Sondland. Toobin calls it a "bombshell" revelation that Trump cared about Biden not...
Alternet › 22 hours ago
On the first day of the public impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump’s conduct, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and U.S. Ambassador Bill Taylor provided powerful and persuasive testimony…
ABC News › 22 hours ago
Rep. Devin Nunes railed against Democrats and accused them of mischaracterizing the phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
Washington Post › Politics › 22 hours ago
The acting ambassador to Ukraine described a phone call in which the president checked on the status of “the investigations.”
Breitbart › Politics › 23 hours ago
Democrats driving the partisan impeachment inquiry have scheduled two more closed-door depositions this week.
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