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The Guardian › Opinions › 44 minutes ago
His death is a predictable outcome of an expanding law and order complex penetrating NT Aboriginal communities
The Sun › Opinions › 1 hour ago
Palace in crisis PRINCE Andrew’s staggering self-destruction on TV has exposed a Royal Family driving off a cliff with no one at the wheel. It seems unfair to urge the Queen, at 93 and after an exemplary 67-year reign, to take back control but she...
New York Post › Opinions › 1 hour ago
The clear loser of the Democratic primary is Medicare for All. First, the policy demonstrated the unreliability of Kamala Harris out of the gate, when she endorsed it before quickly backing off. Now, it has blunted the momentum of Elizabeth Warren...
New York Post › Opinions › 1 hour ago
Excerpted from Attorney General William Barr’s recent lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention. I deeply admire the American presidency as a political and constitutional institution. I believe it is one of the great and...
The New York Times › Opinions › 2 hours ago
Leaked emails from a top Trump aide test our capacity for outrage.
New York Post › Opinions › 2 hours ago
House Democrats are trotting out their star witness for Tuesday’s ­impeachment show, Lt.-Col. Alexander Vindman. He listened in on the July 25 phone call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodomyr Zelensky, that is central to...
New York Daily News › Opinions › 2 hours ago
During a recent visit to Israel and the West Bank, Palestinian and Israeli interlocutors told me that not only is the search for peace at a standstill, but also that the United States effectively has taken itself out of the equation as a possible...
The Sun › Opinions › 2 hours ago
YOU couldn’t call it a mood of total honesty, down in the Australian jungle, but the ­contest-ants were at least ­trying to manage our ­expectations, slightly. So there was professional “attention-seeker” James Haskell, the “fourth or fifth...
New York Post › Opinions › 2 hours ago
“Dear world … Be aware or be next”: Those chilling words are the literal writing on the wall at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where roughly 600 pro-democracy protesters are locked in a violent standoff with police. For days, the...
New York Post › Opinions › 2 hours ago
State Attorney General Letitia James was quite proud of herself for winning a $2 million judgment against President Trump for misusing his Trump Foundation charity. But surely the Rev. Al Sharpton’s nonprofit merits similar scrutiny. As The Post’s...
New York Post › Opinions › 2 hours ago
You can credit the NYPD for keeping the lid on major subway crime — but also worry about the rise in still-serious offenses underground. Indeed, those figures, first revealed in Monday’s Post, ought to move the city’s political leaders to join...
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 2 hours ago
It’s time for metropolitan Chicago to bring the endless parade of red-light camera scandals to a dead stop.
The Guardian › Opinions › 2 hours ago
People with disability do not need the medical profession’s sympathy. What we do need is an understanding of the value of diversity
Sputnik International › Opinions › 2 hours ago
The United States has the highest child incarceration rate in the world, according to a new United Nations report titled the “Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty,” slated to be released Tuesday. Bill Ayers, an activist and educator, joined...
The New York Times › Opinions › 3 hours ago
By opening the door to a new founding charter, Chileans are ready to build their own future — by dismantling the constitutional edifice that Augusto Pinochet left behind.
Sputnik International › Opinions › 3 hours ago
All eyes were on Hong Kong Polytechnic University this weekend as over 400 individuals were arrested and others were taken to the hospital after trying to escape the school. Even though authorities have used notably restrained and non-lethal methods...
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 3 hours ago
The recently announced christened Piping Plover Day, which was Monday, highlights the importance of protecting this bird species that, prior to this year, hadn’t nested on a Chicago beach in 64 years. ...
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 3 hours ago
Leaked documents reveal repression—and embarrassment.
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 3 hours ago
New York’s ex-Mayor turns his back on his own anti-crime policy.
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 3 hours ago
Democratic AGs bar anti-abortion candidates from any support.
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