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The Wall Street Journal › 46 minutes ago
Longtime financier Yoshitaka Kitao is generating buzz with plans to unite regional banks into a loose confederation under the banner of his company, SBI Holdings.
Business Insider › Finance › 2 hours ago
The biggest risk to investors right now is an unexpected jump in inflation, but it's still being overlooked, according to multiple leaders at BlackRock. The $6.8 trillion investment firm recently flagged the potential damage this event could do to...
The Wall Street Journal › 3 hours ago
Investors are pulling back from positions in haven assets like gold, the Japanese yen and dividend-paying stocks, a sign of mounting optimism as recent developments ease long-held worries about trade and global growth.
The Sydney Morning Herald › Finance › 8 hours ago
Australian shares are expected to start the week on a strong footing after two major uncertainties that have been undermining the global economy were lifted
Business Insider › Finance › 21 hours ago
President Trump complained about the US dollar's strength several times in 2019, but eight major currencies are set to outperform the dollar this year. The US dollar index (DXY) is up more than 1% year-to-date, rising despite summer recession fears and...
CNBC › 22 hours ago
ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, semiconductors, and bitcoin were some of the most impactful themes in the exchange-traded fund space in 2019, say ETF experts.
Business Insider › 23 hours ago
Amazon Web Services has the largest share of the public cloud market. However, Microsoft is catching up — not only in market share, but also by beating AWS to win the crucial $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract with...
Business Insider › Finance › 23 hours ago
Chipotle has not been able to add a quesadilla to the menu, despite CEO Brian Niccol saying it is customers' top-requested new menu item and one of his personal favorites. However, BTIG analyst Peter Saleh said he believes Niccol's dreams of a Chipotle...
CNBC › 1 day ago
"Dogs of the Dow" is a value investing strategy that calls for buying the 10 stocks with the highest dividend yield.
The Wall Street Journal › 1 day ago
Are U.S. companies making more money than ever before, or are they stuck at one of their longest profit slumps since World War II? The standard measures have diverged in recent years, and that worries many investors.
Business Insider › Finance › 1 day ago
Scott Dorsey is hoping to help build Indianapolis into a tech hub. Dorsey was the cofounder of Indianapolis-based ExactTarget, which Salesforce bought in 2013 for $2.5 billion. He now runs a venture firm and startup studio in the city called High Alpha...
Business Insider › Finance › 1 day ago
Warren Buffett said an 89-year-old carpet saleswoman would "run rings around" the best corporate executives and business-school graduates in America. Berkshire Hathaway's billionaire boss praised Rose "Mrs B" Blumkin after he bought her company...
Business Insider › Finance › 1 day ago
Vincent Deluard, the director of global macro strategy at INTL FCStone, says some of Silicon Valley's worst traits are popping up in other areas of the marketplace. He notes the flood of companies that haven't been able to turn a profit, even in a...
Business Insider › Finance › 1 day ago
Uber's co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick continues to cash out his stake in the ride-hailing company, selling off close to $166 million worth of shares this week. The ousted chief executive has sold off a little more than $2 billion worth of...
CNBC › 1 day ago
After Friday's announced trade deal, bulls say several thorny issues may be on the verge of resolution and markets could run to new highs. But bears say trade tensions will not go away.
CNBC › 1 day ago
With trade tensions toned down, stocks have clearance to rally into year end, a traditionally positive time for stocks.
CNBC › 1 day ago
We'll get the first full trading day since the trade deal was announced, a read on a manufacturing gauge and housing data on Monday.
CNBC › 1 day ago
"The reduction is only half as large as our baseline assumption," said Goldman's chief economist Jan Hatzius.
Business Insider › Technology › 1 day ago
A new tool created by Google programmers reportedly allowed its employees to send Google's top lawyer Kent Walker an automated email notification every time they open an internal document, to flood Walker's inbox in protest over the company's more...
CNBC › 1 day ago
National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow maintained a cautious optimism around the trade agreement struck by China and the U.S.
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