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Younger, unmarried service women of lower rank in the U.S. Navy face the greatest risk of sexual assault, a new study said Friday. 21 hours ago
The Navy will christen its newest Independence-class littoral combat ship USS Kansas City, on Saturday, Sept. 22, in Mobile, Ala. 2 days ago
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems has received a $22 million contract modification for Lot 7 Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile production. 2 days ago
Raytheon has received a $35.5 million order for spare parts in support of the APG-79 Radar System. The contract will last for three years with no... 3 days ago
More than 15,000 military personnel from the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command are participating in the exercise Valiant Shield this week near the Marianas... Politics 3 days ago
President Donald Trump visited the Carolinas Wednesday to survey Hurricane Florence's damage as the death toll rose to 37 across three states. 8 days ago
Raytheon has received a $24.7 million contract for materials to refurbish and repair AIM-9X infrared missiles and Captive Air Training Missiles for... Lifestyle 8 days ago
United Technologies has received two contracts totaling $454 million for procurement and services for engines on the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike... 8 days ago
Guam has a higher U.S. military enlistment rate per capita than anywhere else in the nation -- but no right to vote. We are a voiceless community. 10 days ago
Lockheed Martin has received a $49.6 million modification to an existing contract for the purchase of Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles. 10 days ago
The Marine Corps has canceled evaluations as governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland declared a state of emergency... 11 days ago
Military installations along the east coast of the U.S. are deciding whether to evacuate ahead of Florence, while the South Carolina National Guard... 11 days ago
L-3 Communications has received a $203 million contract for depot level maintenance, logistics and engineering support for the Navy's T-45 training... 11 days ago
On the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks Tuesday, five men accused of masterminding the plot face trial at the Navy's prison in Guantanamo Bay. 18 days ago
Lockheed Martin has received an $81 million contract for delivery of air vehicle initial spares, quick engine change kits and associated consumables... 25 days ago
United Technologies Pratt & Whitney Military Engines has received a $14.5 million for a contract on Lot 11 F-35 Lightning II F-135 engine production... 26 days ago
The 7th Communication Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group has performed field testing of a new Free Space Optics system in... Incident 29 days ago
Bell Helicopter Textron has received a $510 million contract modification for the manufacture and delivery of 29 Lot 15 production AH-1Z helicopters. 1 month ago
Insitu was awarded a $54 million contract for Lot II RQ-21A Blackjack unmanned aircraft systems for the U.S. Marine Corps and Poland.
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