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Business Insider › Lifestyle › 1 day ago
While sex in general has been misrepresented in popular media and porn, LGBTQ sex, in particular, tends to be exaggerated. Less than 6% of teens reported that they received sex education with any mention of LGBTQ-related topics, making it easy to...
Breitbart › Politics › 4 days ago
The Sanders campaign is frustrated by the "Bernie blackout," claiming that the presidential hopeful is not getting adequate coverage.
Newsweek › Politics › 6 days ago
Tucker Carlson called on Doctor Marc Siegel to diagnose the health of Hillary Clinton after she coughed during an appearance on Sirius Radio's "The Howard Stern Show."
RT › 6 days ago
After almost a decade of war, the very name Syria seems synonymous with conflict and destruction. Yet a short video filmed at a Christmas market in Damascus reveals that peace – and joy – are making a comeback. Read Full Article at
The Inquisitr › Politics › 1 week ago
Ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, who emerged as a central figure in the televised hearings for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment inquiry, has followed through on his promise to file a lawsuit against...
Forbes › Finance › 1 week ago
Esports has continued its rapid global growth with revenues exceeding $1 billion and audiences of more than 443 million across the globe.
RT › 1 week ago
President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has barred Bloomberg News from covering rallies and events, citing the outlet’s overt bias for their boss, a billionaire seeking the Democrat presidential nomination. Read Full Article at
The Inquisitr › 1 week ago
A recent study published in PLOS One examined people who believe in conspiracy theories and came to the conclusion that such people are relatively ordinary, reports. The Australian National University (ANU) researchers examined eight years of...
The Boston Globe › Finance › 1 week ago
Federal prosecutors have charged a cryptocurrency expert with violating economic sanctions against North Korea by presenting at a conference there this year.
Telegraph › 1 week ago
A vegan poster campaign has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming that eating meat is worse for greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transport.
RT › 1 week ago
An array of public figures, among them a retired British ambassador and the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, again threw their weight behind Julian Assange, predicting the launch of a massive campaign in his support next year. Read Full Article at...
Breitbart › Politics › 1 week ago
Thanksgiving hosts should designate a room for political discussions and establish a moderator, according to an etiquette coach.
BuzzFeed › 1 week ago
Questions remain about how 450 pages of unredacted government papers covering the NHS and food standards were posted to Reddit five weeks ago.View Entire Post ›
RT › 2 weeks ago
The treatment of Julian Assange by UK authorities puts his life at risk, essentially denying him a right to a fair trial, which is shameful for all those involved, doctors who signed a letter in the journalist’s support told RT. Read Full Article at...
CBS News › 2 weeks ago
Politico Senior Writer Marc Caputo says the decision to use excerpts from Russian-hacked documents during the 2016 election was justified because the information was true and newsworthy.
Newsweek › Finance › 2 weeks ago
The presidential candidate went on the offensive against MSNBC Saturday, rejecting an appearance and accusing the cable news network of frequently denigrating and outright ignoring his campaign.
The Daily Beast › Politics › 2 weeks ago
“Are you sure they did that? Are you sure they gave it to Ukraine?” Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy asked on Friday after Donald Trump ranted for several minutes about a conspiracy theory that a Ukrainian-based company helped the Democratic National...
RT › 2 weeks ago
In a wide-ranging dismantling of mainstream media reporting on Julian Assange, award-winning journalist John Pilger has blasted the Guardian for its coverage of the WikiLeaks founder. Read Full Article at
Washington Examiner › 2 weeks ago
New York Rep. Elise Stefanik rebuked Democrats after they asserted that Republicans do not believe Russians interfered in the 2016 election.
CBS News › 2 weeks ago
Russians hacked Annette Taddeo's campaign playbook while she was running for Congress in 2016. Then her opponent showed up to a debate with the stolen documents and used them against her. 60 Minutes reports on Russian election interference, Sunday
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