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The New York Times › Opinions › 43 minutes ago
Readers urge the House to compel witnesses to testify; one appeals to John Bolton to “do the right thing” and “speak out now.”
The New York Times › Opinions › 59 minutes ago
A Dreamer and two other readers urge the court not to bring an end to the DACA program. Also: Working round the clock; the joy of doing chores.
The Boston Globe › Opinions › 5 hours ago
The bogus "scientific" basis of immigration law is not new.
The Sydney Morning Herald › Opinions › 8 hours ago
I was deeply moved by Shiann Broderick's honestly told and measured essay on the grim situation in Nymboida, and saddened by the loss of her and her family's treasured home.
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 16 hours ago
Come on, Republicans. You know what you need to do. Call Mitt Romney (apologies to Bill Weld, Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh and now that John Kasich has said no). If you want to win the White House in 2020, the Republicans need to say no to Trump. Just tell...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 16 hours ago
If you’ve been to any events at the Merrimack Valley High School campus, you might have noticed that the racist image abandoned by the school years ago has slowly been making a comeback. I know that some alumni feel comfort in seeing the mascot, as...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 16 hours ago
Since most letters of late recommend a candidate or voice a complaint or opinion, I thought I might add some levity. Last month, an article appeared in the paper concerning High Street School in Suncook being turned into apartments for people 55 and...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 16 hours ago
A few decades ago I read (in translation) Voyage of the Fram by Fridtjof Nansen, in which he required sedentary crew members to exercise daily on the ice in “snow shoes” but it became apparent from the description that they were actually what we...
The New York Times › Opinions › 1 day ago
A reader decries a proposed rule that would limit the research used to determine environmental regulations. Also: Endless wars; electric scooters in New York; Elizabeth Warren’s corporate law experience.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 1 day ago
On Friday, I endured my first real lockdown. I’ve never felt such fear — the fear of others and my own. ...
New York Post › 1 day ago
A 19-year-old Massachusetts man received a response to a message in a bottle he tossed into the Atlantic Ocean a decade ago – from a letter-writer who lives all the way in France. Max Vrendenburgh, of Rockport, told CBS Boston that he remembers the...
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 1 day ago
We need a better environment to allow true entrepreneurs to start up and thrive. The entrepreneurial spirit and mind-set are there. The ease of starting a business 40-50 years ago is gone.
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 1 day ago
The “hockey stick” nature of inequality doesn’t become apparent until one looks at the top 5% and, more realistically, the top 2% of households.
The Wall Street Journal › Opinions › 1 day ago
Twitter’s new paid-political speech ban is the social-media version of the left’s goal for all media—tilting free speech toward progressive influences.
The New York Times › Opinions › 1 day ago
Readers fault the president’s lack of philanthropy. One reader calls the settlement a “slap on the wrist” for misuse of donated funds.
The Sydney Morning Herald › 1 day ago
In responding to the bushfire emergency, it seems that many of our political leaders cannot see the woods for the burning trees.
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 1 day ago
Recently, the so-called progressive, pro-tolerance Democrats once again showed their true colors. New Hampshire House Education Committee member Rep. Tamara Le stated, “F--- private and religious schools.” Given the nature of proposed legislation...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 1 day ago
I am responding to an excellent article you published by David Brooks, “Challenge to cut waste a test to entire system” (Monitor front page, Nov. 5). While attempting to rise to the Conservation Law Foundation’s challenge to produce zero waste...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 1 day ago
Vice President Mike Pence visited the State House last week to sign a piece of paper and be greeted by a paltry crowd of perhaps 75 supporters. What a colossal waste of taxpayer money. Huge aircraft landing in Manchester, a motorcade requiring blocking...
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 1 day ago
While it may feel like politicians from each side of the aisle do not agree on much these days, look again. It did not generate headlines, but New Hampshire’s political leaders recently agreed to significantly increase funding for the arts in the...
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