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Forbes › 7 minutes ago
U.S. tech entrepreneur Arlan Hamilton has set up a new scholarship to help black African or Caribbean students from a disadvantaged background study at Oxford University.
Forbes › 31 minutes ago
In the past, brands and companies could stay silent on topics such as payment systems or product partnerships, but as the conversation around honesty grows, their strategies must evolve.
Forbes › 6 hours ago
As part of fashion designer Heron Preston's larger mission to identify sustainable solutions for the fashion industry, HP announced today that Preston is unveiling a first-of-its-kind pilot program, in collaboration with the company, that aims to...
Forbes › 9 hours ago
Even though more than 95 percent of large American companies have diversity initiatives, women have made virtually no progress in increasing their representation in senior leadership over the last 30 years.
Forbes › 11 hours ago
Both main parties have set out ambitious pledges to improve schools, but their policies are unlikely to deliver, according to new analysis.
Forbes › 13 hours ago
Larry Page and Sergey Brin are to step down from the day-to-day running of Alphabet. What's next for the company and its extremely challenging projects after Larry and Sergey’s departure?
Forbes › 13 hours ago
One of many intriguing POVs from the event came from Hugh Sawyer, CEO of Regis Corporation, after his presentation on how business leaders may find success when they adopt a holistic view of purpose from the inside out—starting with their workforces.
Forbes › 14 hours ago
With the pace of change increasing rapidly during the 4th industrial revolution, it is likely that most people will have multiple jobs throughout their careers, often spanning different sectors and roles.
Forbes › 14 hours ago
The new Job Quality Index (JQI) shows the U.S. economy offering increasingly low-quality jobs with unhealthy and unwealthy workers
Forbes › 15 hours ago
Now a father himself, former child soldier Ishmael Beah recently returned to Sierra Leone to see how UNICEF is strengthening protections for vulnerable children.
Forbes › 15 hours ago
New research shows that greedy professions are a significant driver of the ongoing gender pay gap. They may demand and even financially reward long hours, but that does not mean they are healthy. Long hours frequently backfire in the form of burnout...
Forbes › 16 hours ago
It has cost Peloton more than $1 billion, with the market capitalization dropping from $10.3 billion on Monday to $9.2 billion on Wednesday.
Forbes › 17 hours ago
Whether you're starting a podcast for your business or your business is your podcast, the leaders of Forbes Coaches Council share advice that will help ensure your long-term success.
Forbes › 18 hours ago
Hiring managers are using increasingly sophisticated AI solutions to streamline large parts of the hiring process. But AI may not always support hiring as intended and could set up employers for potential discrimination claims. Here’s what you need...
Forbes › 18 hours ago
Silicon Valley technology company Salesforce is now making an even bigger commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with $17 million dollars in grants, and a pledge of one million employee volunteer hours to be devoted to...
Forbes › 18 hours ago
As the art world now includes enthusiasts of all backgrounds, it is important to shine a spotlight on those who haven’t been represented in the past. What once was a gated world for the uber elite has become democratized through technology. The art...
Forbes › 18 hours ago
Growth is something that I view as a key way to derive meaning in life. Every day we should try to challenge ourselves to get better in some way even if just a little bit. Compounding incremental small change has incredible results and is also how...
Forbes › 19 hours ago
What employers don’t realize is they may already have the weapon to win the war for talent: flexibility.
Forbes › 19 hours ago
Adi Tatarko, one of the few women to break Silicon Valley's unicorn barrier, opens up on her untraditional career path, learning to live by her own standards, and her best advice to entrepreneurs.
Forbes › 19 hours ago
Thirty CX experts and practitioners recently responded to a survey about what to expect in customer experience for 2020. Here's what they had to say.
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