iran hostage crisis

UPI › 1 week ago
Sen. Tom Cotton on Thursday promoted a bill he sponsored that would impose sanctions on individuals -- and their families -- responsible for taking Americans hostage.
Alternet › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
On December 31, the sixties officially ended and the new era of the 1970s began.
Slate › Politics › 1 week ago
Congress’ oversight and impeachment authorities are critical to our nation’s system of checks and balances. Does the court agree?
CNN › Opinions › 2 weeks ago
Kate Andersen Brower reflects on the time she has spent interviewing Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, and says that as Americans sit glued to impeachment hearings centered on allegations of self-interest over country, it makes her emotional to I think about...
CNN › Politics › 3 weeks ago
In the face of attacks from the President of the United States and relative silence from the State Department, former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie "Masha" Yovanovitch offered a strong defense of the work of career foreign service officers -- and...
The New York Times › Entertainment › 0 month ago
Matt Wolf’s documentary shows how one woman captured history by recording television news. The results are compelling.
CBS News › 1 month ago
The former president talks with Jane Pauley about his recent health crisis, and his continued teachings of faith
Raw Story › 1 month ago
Former US president Jimmy Carter was recovering in a Georgia hospital following surgery Tuesday to relieve pressure on his brain after he suffered multiple falls, an aide said. “There are no complications from the surgery” to ease the pressure...
Washington Post › Opinions › 1 month ago
The Iran hostage crisis that began 40 years ago this week is now over. But for us, the crisis is ongoing.
ABC News › 1 month ago
In 1979, 52 Americans were held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran for 444 days. Today, tensions between the U.S. and Iran are growing as Iran continues to break away from the 2015 nuclear deal.
New York Post › Opinions › 1 month ago
For Americans old enough to remember it, the images from the Iranian hostage crisis take us back to a shattering moment in US history. The pictures of captured American diplomats and Marine guards being paraded by a mob of Iranian “students...
Chicago Tribune › Politics › 1 month ago
Welcome to The Spin, the Chicago Tribune's politics newsletter.
Washington Examiner › 1 month ago
Thousands of Iranians took to the streets to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover and resulting hostage crisis.
ABC News › 1 month ago
Protesters seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 98 hostages, setting off a 444-day ordeal as part of the Islamic Revolution.
Business Insider › Politics › 1 month ago
President Donald Trump retweeted video footage showing protesters storming the Iranian consulate on Sunday night in the Iraqi city of Karbala. The assault on the consulate came on 40th anniversary of the Iranian hostage crisis, when Iranian students...
Cleveland › 1 month ago
This day in history for Monday, November 4th
New York Post › 1 month ago
A former Iranian revolutionary who led the 1979 attack against the US Embassy in Tehran said he now regrets his actions on the eve of Monday’s 40th anniversary of the tumultuous events that led to the Islamic Revolution and a 444-day hostage crisis...
New York Post › Politics › 1 month ago
He was three months into his job as press attache for the US Embassy in Tehran when Barry Rosen was introduced to the Iranian Revolution. “We were invaded,” Rosen said of a terrifying Feb. 14, 1979, attack that was a precursor to the infamous...
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