Hurricane Dorian

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New York Post › 9 hours ago
That’s equivalent to the United States losing the combined economies of Florida, California and Texas, the Miami Herald reported.
The Wall Street Journal › Lifestyle › 1 day ago
From the 1940s to the 1970s, Project Stormfury and other government efforts tested the limits of the power of science.
ABC News › 1 day ago
A new report says Hurricane Dorian inflicted losses of about $3.4 billion on the Bahamas, an amount equal to one-quarter of the Caribbean country’s GDP
Politico › Politics › 1 day ago
Farm economy continues to falter — Brazil on damage control after fires
New York Post › Sports › 2 days ago
“My dad always told me I can change the world with my racket.”
Breitbart › Politics › 2 days ago
Three Cedar Island cows washed out to see by Hurricane Dorian were discovered in Cape Lookout National Seashore park on November 3.
HuffPost › 2 days ago
The cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they lived off the land.
Fox News › 2 days ago
Several cows that were feared dead after being washed away by Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge back in September have been found alive on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
ABC News › 2 days ago
The cows swam up to 5 miles to escape the storm surge of Hurricane Dorian.
New York Post › 2 days ago
Three North Carolina cows swept out to sea when Hurricane Dorian sparked an 8-foot “mini tsunami” turned up months later — and it’s believed they swam four to five miles as the storm raged, according to a new report. The bovine trio was living...
The Independent › 2 days ago
‘The cows certainly have a gripping story to share’
Cleveland › 2 days ago
A roundup of stories from across the nation and around the world.
Washington Post › 2 days ago
National Park Service officials believe the cows swam four or five miles after being swept out to sea in powerful storm surge.
Metro › 2 days ago
They are believed to have swum five miles to safety after a storm surge hit the island where they live.
Evening Standard › 3 days ago
Three cows swept off an island of North Carolina during the raging storm of Hurricane Dorian have been found alive months later, after reportedly swimming for several miles.
CBS News › 3 days ago
Officials believe three cows swam about 4 miles to safety and are now "grazing peacefully together" on land
CNBC › 3 days ago
A child born today will experience a world that is more than 4˚C warmer by the time they turn 71 years old, a rate of warming that will threaten their health at every stage of their life, the report's authors said.
New York Daily News › 3 days ago
“Cast Away 2: Cowstaway” just found its three leads.
USA Today › 3 days ago
Cows that were swept from their Cedar Island, North Carolina home by Hurricane Dorian have been on the Outer Banks.
The New York Times › Politics › 3 days ago
Mr. Taylor, the top United States diplomat in Ukraine, appeared on Capitol Hill for testimony Wednesday as the public impeachment hearings began.
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