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The Sun › 59 minutes ago
BRITISH girls are among the least physically active in the world, a study reveals. And while boys do better, three in four fail to hit World Health Organisation exercise targets. WHO researchers examined activity levels among 1.6 million students aged...
The Sun › 1 hour ago
TAKING statins slashes the risk of deadly prostate cancer by a quarter, a landmark study suggests. Scientists believe the cholesterol-busting pills ease inflammation and boost immunity in the gland. They analysed data on 44,126 men who were free of...
NBC News › Lifestyle › 2 hours ago
The mosquitoes are bred to carry bacteria that are harmless to humans.
UPI › 2 hours ago
New evidence bolsters the belief that yoga can offer real and lasting relief to people with depression.
UPI › 3 hours ago
A surprising new study upends the notion that antibodies passed from mother to fetus protect infants from measles for as much as a year.
UPI › 4 hours ago
The risk of newborn death in late-term pregnancies may be lower if labor is induced rather than taking a wait-and-see approach, a new study suggests.
UPI › 4 hours ago
Officials from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases note that, as of Nov. 12, there have been 36 confirmed cases of eastern equine encephalitis this year, 14 of which were fatal.
The Sun › 4 hours ago
A DAD who lost his lips and all four of his limbs to a flesh-eating bug “wouldn’t take them back” after achieving his dream. Brave Alex Lewis, 39, had skin from his shoulder grafted around his mouth after he lost part of his face because of a...
UPI › 7 hours ago
An ingredient in the psychedelic brew ayahuasca causes "waking dreams" by significantly changing brain activity, a new study says.
NBC News › Lifestyle › 7 hours ago
The virus is extremely contagious and has been spreading quickly across schools, officials said.
UPI › 7 hours ago
Anal cancer rates have surged in the past 15 years, and the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) may be to blame, a new study suggests.
ABC News › 8 hours ago
A school district in Colorado closed more than 40 schools this week after a virus quickly spread among students and staff.
The Sun › 9 hours ago
HEALTH bosses have pulled more heartburn drugs over cancer-chemical fears – in the sixth recall in the last month. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today issued a fresh alert over 13 over-the-counter medicines. According...
UPI › 9 hours ago
In a trial results published in JAMA Oncology, researchers at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard found that adding 1 gram per day of omega-3s fish oils failed to reduce development of colon polyps.
The Sun › 9 hours ago
DOCTORS are warning e-cigarette users about a new vaping-related lung disease which causes similar symptoms to a condition known as ‘popcorn lung’. Medics identified the lung injury in a Canadian teen which they believe is linked to flavourings in...
UPI › 9 hours ago
The annual "Great American Smokeout," which will be observed across the U.S. on Thursday. According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's, cigarette smokin
UPI › 10 hours ago
A treatment that delivers ultrasound waves to the brain may bring lasting relief to some people with debilitating hand tremors, a new study finds.
The Sun › Lifestyle › 11 hours ago
AN OUTBREAK of norovirus has hit 60 schools with some forced to close their doors, it’s reported. Health officials were called in after hundreds of children were off sick across the North East of England this week. Local authorities are working with...
The Sun › Lifestyle › 15 hours ago
ONE NHS patient died and another was left seriously ill after receiving infected donor organs. The surgeon, from Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, failed to disclose that he had spilled the contents of a donor stomach while removing...
The Sun › 16 hours ago
IT’s a rare type of cancer that still carries a stigma due to being associated with an “embarrassing” part of the body. However, experts have now warned that anal cancer cases and deaths are rising dramatically – particularly in the United...
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