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NBC News › 2 hours ago
"A leader will be observed and followed, whether people ask out loud or not," says Howroyd, who is the first black woman to build a billion dollar company. "So it makes good sense to show up in your best health every day, not just in your best outfit."
NBC News › 12 hours ago
"It’s really true that when you have good sleep you feel as if you can tackle anything and when you don’t, obstacles often seem insurmountable," says the MSNBC anchor.
NBC News › 13 hours ago
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women over 55 are the fastest growing age and gender workforce category.
Washington Times › 23 hours ago
A redevelopment deal has been reached for the former Ford Motor Co. plant in St. Paul that would feature thousands of new homes powered by renewable energy, officials announced Tuesday.
NBC News › 1 day ago
The Know Your Value contributor and DACA-recipient explains how the program has afforded her life-changing opportunities - and the chance to give back.
NBC News › 1 day ago
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is even more important than IQ in the workplace. Here's why, according to body language expert Janine Driver.
Forbes › 1 day ago
Born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait, musician Fatima Al Qadari recently composed the music for the Cannes Film Festival prize-winning feature "Atlantics."
CBS Local › 1 day ago
Attention South Florida drivers! A new traffic pattern is being implemented on I-395 starting Tuesday morning.
NBC News › 1 day ago
Have you ever doubted your abilities or worthiness for an opportunity despite having a track record of results? Here’s how to nip those feelings in the bud, according to Kuhl, a gender strategist and author of “Dig Your Heels In.”
NBC News › 2 days ago
According to the MSNBC host, women face a double standard when it comes to being liked at work.
NBC News › 3 days ago
Squared Away connects highly skilled military spouses with companies who need extra hands on deck.
NBC News › 3 days ago
Women oftentimes spend too much time focusing on likability instead of advocating for themselves, the former senior advisor to then-President Obama told Mika Brzezinski.
Washington Post › Finance › 5 days ago
Stocks rallied as both sides said an agreement would feature pledges to roll back tariffs.
NBC News › 5 days ago
Know Your Value's weekly roundup of women in the news.
NBC News › 5 days ago
Looking for a confidence boost? Executive coach Liz Bentley explains why you shouldn't ignore your past.
NBC News › 6 days ago
Jennifer Folsom shares her journey and struggles with her 17-year-old twins. She has realized " I haven’t failed them if they enroll in community college or a trade school. This is about the next ,right step for my older two sons..."
Daily Mail Online › 6 days ago
The final round of security updates for Google's first generation of Pixel phones will be released in December. The company originally said the October update would be the last supported release.
NBC News › 6 days ago
Resilience, says the MSNBC political analyst and chief public affairs officer for MoveOn, "isn’t about the absence of trying situations, it’s about how you handle them when they do happen."
NBC News › 6 days ago
De Blasio told Brzezinski that when it comes to awarding government contracts, women and people of color have "been boxed out [of the process] historically.”
Fox News › 6 days ago
An atheist group is complaining about new decals on a Florida county's patrol cars that feature an American flag and the phrase "In God We Trust."
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