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BBC News › 51 minutes ago
Russia has lost more than £130m in theft from a key space project cherished by President Putin.
Sputnik International › 3 hours ago
(Sputnik) - The possibility of the United States and Russia not extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) has become a more realistic development, Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov...
The New York Times › 4 hours ago
Britain's opposition Labour Party will on Tuesday take aim at "obscene" billionaires, pledging a radical redistribution of wealth to cut the power of the super rich who it says bankroll Prime Minister Boris Johnson in return for tax breaks.
The Sydney Morning Herald › 4 hours ago
In a further blow to his reputation, Andrew was also accused of using the racist "n-word" during a business meeting seven years ago.
The New York Times › 5 hours ago
David Holmes, a U.S. embassy official in Ukraine, will testify publicly on Thursday before the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee in the inquiry into whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, the panel said on Monday.
Telegraph › 6 hours ago
Russia has returned three naval vessels it seized from Ukraine a year ago in an apparent bid to ease tensions ahead of a crucial summit between the countries next month.
The Sydney Morning Herald › 6 hours ago
One current and two former employees have accused the group of strong-arming them into drinking at work as part of a drive to increase sales.
The New York Times › 7 hours ago
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday he was proud of what the United States had done in Ukraine and declined to defend former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch who was attacked on Twitter by President Donald Trump.
Al Jazeera › 7 hours ago
The return of three naval vessels comes ahead of what could be a landmark peace summit next month.
Al Jazeera › 7 hours ago
The third- and fourth-largest political parties in the UK's Parliament will be excluded from Tuesday's TV debate.
Al Jazeera › 7 hours ago
The newly discovered species attacks the eggs of a 'stink bug' which decimates vegetable crops.
The New York Times › 7 hours ago
President Donald Trump declared "a star is born" after Republican Representative Elise Stefanik strongly defended him during last week's impeachment hearings in Congress. But someone else also got a boost from Stefanik's new fame: her Democratic...
Washington Examiner › Politics › 7 hours ago
President Trump’s interest in going to Moscow to celebrate the end of World War II worries NATO allies who fear that his visit might help the Kremlin mask aggression against Lithuania.
Al Jazeera › 8 hours ago
Italian police recover 10,000 artefacts from the gang, who carried out illegal digs in the southern region of Calabria.
Sputnik International › Finance › 8 hours ago
Telegraph › 8 hours ago
A German newspaper has opened an investigation after it emerged that its new owner was an informant for the Stasi secret police of communist East Germany.
Sputnik International › 8 hours ago
Photos and videos of a ‘sweaty’ Duke of York partying with young women on the French Riviera appeared to challenge his claims in a recent BBC interview that he “never really partied” and tended to avoid “public displays of affection” in a...
The New York Times › 8 hours ago
Prince Andrew's effort to put the Jeffrey Epstein scandal behind him may have instead done him irreparable harm.
Al Jazeera › 9 hours ago
Quim Torra refused to remove symbols of Catalonia's independence movement from public buildings.
The New York Times › 9 hours ago
A Dutch court sentenced a Pakistani man Monday to 10 years in prison for plotting a terror attack on anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders.
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