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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 2 hours ago
A new study shows a dramatic increase in eye injuries caused by air guns over the past 26 years.
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 13 hours ago
Last week, seven members of a New Hampshire National Guard aviation unit were deployed to Afghanistan where, after a week’s training at the Army’s base at Fort Bliss, Texas, they will fly intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 1 day ago
These moves are not enough — but they are better than nothing.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 1 day ago
Chartiers Valley board members should visit the classroom themselves and long before the snow melts.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 2 days ago
The sentencing of a former aide to Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown serves as a reminder to voters: Elect someone better next year.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 2 days ago
Illinois politicians won’t reinvent and reform government until voters force them to reinvent and reform. Make your 2020 resolution now: I’ve looked at Springfield’s record of broken promises -- and I’m voting No.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 2 days ago
Legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over is less than three weeks away. Is Chicago and the rest of the state chill enough to handle it?
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 3 days ago
Property owners in north and northwest Cook County are seeing their assessments rise. But it's all part of reform they supported in electing Assessor Fritz Kaegi.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 3 days ago
For two years prior to his death, AJ Freud's ongoing abuse hid in sickeningly plain sight.
Concord Monitor › Opinions › 3 days ago
The gap between America’s rich and poor, and between the super rich and everyone else, is the greatest it’s been in nearly a century. So what is the Trump administration doing as Christmas 2019 approaches? It’s working to cut food aid to the...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 3 days ago
The state must completely remove a useless and counterproductive remnant of the war on drugs.
Washington Times › 3 days ago
Live by the identity-politics sword, die by the identity-politics sword. The Democrats are learning that the hard way.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 4 days ago
Chicagoans deserve a police department that keeps them safe, operates with integrity and is representative of the population.
The Boston Globe › Opinions › 4 days ago
A Justice Department report found mismanagement and low-level wrongdoing at the FBI, but no grand conspiracy.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 4 days ago
Self-driving cars have safety blind spots.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 5 days ago
International anti-doping regulators banned the Russian flag and anthem from international competition for four years, including the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. They could have banned Russia outright. Instead, they flinched.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 5 days ago
Chicago’s stability and prosperity are entwined and dependent on luring private-sector employers willing to bet on this city and its workers.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette › Opinions › 5 days ago
Banning cash gifts is a good start, but the commonwealth must bulk up its woefully weak laws governing gifts and campaign spending.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 6 days ago
In 2018, sexual assaults in Uber vehicles totaled 3,045. Ride-share has changed the way we get around, but much more needs to be done to make the experience safer.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 6 days ago
Former Fed chief Paul Volcker earned the enduring thanks of Americans for taming high inflation.
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