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The Guardian › 3 minutes ago
Friday’s top story: Pelosi accuses Trump of bribery as the impeachment hearing continue. Plus, the man who says beef is healthier than meatless burgers
The Guardian › 8 minutes ago
People tend to be mostly unaware of the many benefits that newcomers to a country can bring
Newsweek › Politics › 9 minutes ago
The president seized on comments made by Ukraine's foreign minister to claim exoneration, but explosive public hearings will continue throughout the coming week.
CNN › Politics › 11 minutes ago
CNN's Don Lemon says you would have to ignore a lot of facts about the impeachment inquiry in order to believe Republican defenders of President Donald Trump.
The Independent › Sports › 11 minutes ago
It is tempting to spin this private workout as a chance to finally break free. But beyond a few more quarterbacks on the treatment table, not much has changed in the three years since Kaepernick last saw the field
Chicago Tribune › 13 minutes ago
Mary Schmich: An ode to the Donald Trump impeachment hearings — And if I can convince you all/ You’re very, very bored/ Then once again I’ve won the game/ And truth will be ignored.
CBS Local › 13 minutes ago
The former Ukraine ambassador is next up in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Chicago Tribune › Opinions › 14 minutes ago
The lesson of what happened at Northwestern University and to its student-run newspaper is this: Report what you see, report whatsoever things are true and the mob will break you.
HuffPost › Politics › 16 minutes ago
Twitter users can't stop laughing about the odd promo, but the group says they've raised half a million dollars so far.
Chicago Tribune › 16 minutes ago
Huppke: Public impeachment hearings began this week in the U.S. House of Representatives and we learned Republicans should change their symbol from an elephant to a cliff-bound lemming.
HuffPost › 17 minutes ago
The CNN host also warned against becoming distracted during the impeachment inquiry.
Newsweek › 19 minutes ago
Yovanovitch will appear before the House Intelligence Committee at 9 a.m. Eastern time Friday.
The Week › 22 minutes ago
Most Americans have never heard of Lloyd Blankfein or know he ran Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis. But Blankfein continues to be a popular villain for populists on the left and right. For instance, he appeared in Donald Trump's closing 2016...
The Independent › Politics › 26 minutes ago
‘My whole life is crazy. What a life I lead. You think this is fun, don’t you?’ president tells rally
The Independent › Traveling › 36 minutes ago
Beauty spot claimed another visitor’s life in July
CNN › Politics › 42 minutes ago
Sens. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders are pushing for the creation of a new federal agency aimed at controlling the rising cost of prescription drugs.
Daily Mail Online › 46 minutes ago
The couple, who are the first Spanish royals to visit the country in 500 years, cut sombre figures as they stood on a parapet of the San Pedro de la Roca del Morro overlooking the bay in Santiago.
Telegraph › Technology › 47 minutes ago
Amazon has said it will appeal the Trump administration’s award of a $10bn cloud computing contract to its closest rival Microsoft due to ‘unmistakable bias’.
Newsweek › 52 minutes ago
Mitt Romney, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski: If more than a couple of GOP senators say they intend to vote against Trump, a flood of Republican senators could turn against the president.
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